The term “environmentally friendly” is like catnip to consumers nowadays. Claim your business is an eco-paradise and you’ll gain entrepreneurial Brownie points from customers and the government alike.

greenBuildingsIndeed, it’s a strategy that’s helping out many big businesses. The Bank of America, for example, decreased paper usage by 32 per cent between 2000 and 2005, yet saw a 24 per cent increase in its customer base.

Even companies who were once the center of scorn by eco-rights activists have bucked up their ideas. Chemical manufacturers Dupont have drastically decreased greenhouse gasses and airborne carcinogens, reducing their emissions by 63 per cent.

It’s a trend that those in electrician careers are more than willing to embrace. Solar energy courses, amongst others, have popped up everywhere to show experienced electricians how to become self-certified professionals in the solar installation business.

Not only is this future-proofing an electrician’s business in the future, it’s allowing them to pay higher rates for their specialist knowledge.

But how can you exploit this green fever to corner your ideal career path?

Gain your green credentials

If you want to really impress an energy conscious company, make sure you know everything about recycling, carbon emissions, the Kyoto Treaty and how your business can implement it.

You could try taking courses in environmental sustainability, in which you’ll learn the way the environment functions, and how you can keep the wheel of sustainability turning.

Not only could this help in jobs directly related to the environment, but it could also prove advantageous in a PR position. Just imagine being able to boost your companies eco-image and visibly know what you’re talking about.

Find out how green your dream company is

Although you might have a preference for one company, is their uncaringness for the environment going to land them in hot water in the future?

With such value placed on a business getting its eco-act together, stocks could suddenly plummet for those with the green ethics of a Victorian smoke factory, leaving you high and dry in the job market.

Before you commit to any position, be sure that the business you’re working for is, at the very least, complying with government regulations on sustainability and, ideally, aiming to cut carbon in drastic ways.

There’s always a way to stay green and influence eco-friendliness in your company. The long-term benefits are for the company as it saves millions of dollars in retarget management and energy savings . At the same time it is building a positive reputation, and that’s priceless.

After all, the benefits of eco-friendliness are clear – so how clear can you make them for your employer?