In the last one year I have received quite a few advice seeking emails on this very issue “I do what I do because that is what is around, but I do not like it” the reason may varied on why these people are stuck in a job they would rather not do; but the number of such people is on the increase since recession hit us last year.

I have replied to many such emails and thought it would be good to list a few suggestions on the blog too, hopefully we will get more suggestions from the readers.

You have perhaps taken the first step by asking yourself “what else can I do”, this itself will help you towards a better living if you plan and act practically.

First step:
Know what you want – a better job, better pay, better timings – what are your priorities? List them now. It is a very important step; you cannot act and get what you want unless you know what want and do not want. Hint: you may think on these lines:

  • What are the reasons that make me unhappy at work: is it the workload, people, type or work, stress, less recognition, less pay, or just bored of the same routine and looking for variety?
  • Also list what are the things that would make me happy at work – any work. Don’t just get stuck on one point; list at least 3 to 4.
  • Delve deeper to find out why do not like what you do today; is it just the circumstances, the environment and others responsible for your dissatisfaction or is it you and your personal reasons?

Second Step:

How will you achieve what you want? What kind of a job would make me happier than I am now? What jobs match up to my expertise or education? Research and prepare list. Need some hint on how to go about this step? See below:

  • What types of jobs are the job boards advertising today? Are there any that match my skills or those that excite me?
  • There are many job search advice articles and forums online, consider researching well on what are the most effective methods on looking for advertised and unadvertised jobs. (for example here is one with a few relevant links: )

Third Step:
Make a plan – if this job is what I would love to do what do I need to do or what skills do I need to acquire. Prepare a list on your short-term and long-term goals. Think on these lines:

  • How can I prepare myself better with new training or certifications in an area where I want to see myself in the coming months?
  • How can I prepare an action plan to network effectively in the industries that interest me?
  • Can recruiters or career experts help me in finding the job of my dreams? How can I connect to them?

And of course there are many other steps which will eventually lead to where you would be more satisfied and happy in the work you do but the above that I have listed are the first important steps to get you moving. Always remember that knowing itself is not power, power and success comes through practically implementing your knowledge.

Also keep in mind that always set up realistic and time set goals; you could end up more disheartened than you are now if you disregard the present hiring realities.
It might take some time if you need to polish your skills but if you continue doing what you are doing now you will get what you are getting now – the point is DO SOMETHING TODAY TO CHANGE YOUR PRESENT and the future will take care of itself.

What would you do to get unstuck?