This is a post by  Jonathan Bender.

career-successWhen it comes to realizing career success, there is no minimum or maximum age. All of us have individual talents and skills that have the potential for success at any point in our lives. It is just a matter of taking action and putting one proverbial foot in front of the other toward your goal. Before long, you will be well down the path toward achievement.


Here’s a list of occupational skills that can serve anyone well in their professional life no matter what age or point on the career ladder:


 1.     Teamwork

No matter how talented or ambitious you are you can’t get it done by yourself. There are going to be others around that are more skilled in some areas or have that much more knowledge on a particular subject than you. They are there to support you as you are them. Participating as a team player will help you reach your objectives and create a winning circle around you to help you complete a project, achieve a personal or professional goal, or even connect you to other career opportunities.


2.     Planning and Strategy

It’s been said that if you fail to plan, then plan to fail. This certainly holds true in business where those who realize great success able to plan and be strategic with everything they do. It’s all about having a blueprint that covers all the bases, including contingencies — alternative actions to take in case “Plan A” isn’t working. Any changes in your plan or strategy are okay—expected, in fact, as it’s important to be able to readily adapt and respond to changing market conditions. Complacency kills at work and on the court.


3.     Consistency

Being reliable and stable are important because it helps you build credibility and trust with business partners, clients, and your team mates. To hone your consistency skills, you need to be ready to perform every time by “practicing”—preparing and training your mind for the task at hand. Those who are consistent are often the most valued in the workplace because they can be counted on to perform when called upon.


4.     Determination

Determination and a staunch belief that you can succeed at whatever you do is a skill that will help you overcome any barriers and move on quickly from any failures. It’s an emotional fortitude that ensures you will impose your will and not stop—even if you get push back from others. Much of the battle in business is a mental game, so it is important to not lose focus and keep your eye on the prize – that goal in your career you want to achieve.


5.     Mentoring

One of the most important skills you can develop in business is mentoring others, as teaching others reinforces your own knowledge base and helps you think critically about what you know and how to approach certain situations. As importantly, mentoring is a way to help others in your sphere of influence to minimize mistakes that can be costly to you and them. If you provide guidance, support, and advice to new talent on your team, you can reduce errors resulting from their inexperience or lack of skills or education in a particular area. By helping them, you are helping you and your team at large to succeed.


Everything in life is about getting better and reaching a certain level of success. Whether it is turning a hobby into a business, or you are entering the job market for the first, second, or more times, you can do it at any age if you hone these skills that cross all industries, roles, and responsibilities. Once you master them, you’ll be sure to find unlimited success!


About the guest post author:
Jonathan-Bender-smFormer NBA pro Jonathan Bender is a philanthropist and entrepreneur serving as CEO of JB Intensive, which markets his own medical device invention—the JB Intensive Trainer therapeutic solution that generally relieves chronic knee, hip and back pain and helps athletes reach fitness or training goals.

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