The current pandemic and shelter-in-place situation has resulted in many of us to work from home. Most of us are accustomed to working from home at least a few days of a week. But here’s where this crisis has changed the scenario – it’s not just us alone in the home office working 9 to 5, now we are working with families at home, with school-aged kids (who have nowhere to go but hang around the house) or with toddlers or infants, in many households even older parents, all home – at the same time! And layer this with the stress, anxiety and sadness of the pandemic. Parents are multi tasking on work assignments and there are more demands on their time as they juggle between managing kids schedule, cooking, cleaning, or just keeping themselves motivated. The distractions are many, frustrations are rising, and you cannot expect the work from home to be the ‘usual’ or the ‘normal’ work from home. It’s not.

Even before the shelter-in-place, a poll of 1,076 U.S. professionals by Neuvana found that working from home is more stressful than working in the office. Although 60% of respondents worked remotely at least once a month, 51% reported that working from home elevates their stress levels and a third admitted putting in more work hours at home than in the office.

We do hope that employers are acknowledging the productivity issues many employees are experiencing at this time.

Now what can employees do when these distractions overshadow work productivity?

There are a lot of insightful articles around that we can learn from. Here is a compilation that will help you in finding some order and organization in this ‘not-normal’ work from home scenario.

But before you get to the list on how to manage time and be more productive while working from home, the first step is to take care of yourself, your mental health so you feel energized. Here’s one article that I’d recommend we begin with:

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