People all over the world are stuck in jobs they hate. Whether it’s because they hate working in general, or because they’ve chose any job just to have the money to get by. That’s the sad reality of this day and age. The economy is so shocking, and jobs are so few, that people are taking anything they can, when they can. But there are so many different ways to make sure you keep your career bright. Whether it be the one you’re in, or future endeavors. Take a look at some of these tips to find out more.


work up

Work Your Way Up


One thing people don’t realise, is they probably hate their job because they’ve got a nagging supervisor or manager on their case each day. It can grind people down, to the point that coming into work just doesn’t appeal to them anymore. Power seems to make people forget that they were once in your shoes, and there’s nothing worse than a mardy manager. So, if you have the desire to, work your way up and have a managerial role. One of the main benefits being the money. It might not be much of a pay increase, but once you’re on the ladder, you can keep going up and up. You’ll need to put in a lot of hours to get there, and probably will encounter many more moody people along the way, which leads to our next positive point. You can be different. Well, hopefully. You know what it’s like to be treated with a lack of respect, so hopefully you should walk into the role treating everyone how they should be. You’ll then have more respect from them, and help to make their working day a little more exciting.

Leave Your Job


If you know you hate your job, and you have no desire to progress, then there’s only one thing you can do. That’s leave. This is nearly as daunting as dragging yourself out of bed each morning. There’s so many risks involved, financial, well being, emotions etc. But chances are, you won’t even have to look too far to find your dream job. Some people hold back from applying in the fear that they won’t be good enough, or at all successful. Just take a leap of faith and see where it takes you. If you’re looking to change to a completely different role, e.g. from a sales rep to an air hostess, you’ll have more transferrable skills than you realise. One being communication skills. Never doubt yourself just because you haven’t worked in a specific industry before. Widen your search for jobs as well. Listen out for TV or radio ads, use multiple different search engines, and even give social media a go. Social media is such a huge aspect of business nowadays, they’ll be more jobs being advertised through the platforms than you realise. Just make sure your profile is clean, and shows off you as a person.

Add to Your Experience


If you’re struggling to find a new job, it may be due to the lack of either education, or experience. If it’s the first, look at a few night time courses. Depending on what you’d like to do, there’ll be tonnes of courses available to help give you the push in the right direction. Take a look at your dream job, and see what requirements they have. If it’s a degree, you might need to just bite the bullet and return to college. It’ll be a long, expensive process, but the end reward will be more than worth it. If it’s the experience side you’re lacking, go out there and do some volunteering. Lack of experience is usually evident when going to apply for jobs such as working with children, care work, or managerial positions. Volunteer work is such a strong way of showing interest in your future career. It shows you’re prepared to give up your spare time, to do unpaid work in order to get where you want to be in life. Employers have a lot of respect for that.


Love Your Work – Give it a Try


So many people hate their working life. Nothing can be done to make their future bright, because as long as they’re not out socialising, or sat at home in their comfy bed, the thought of work annoys them. With this mindset, your future will always be dull. No job will keep you entertained, and you’ll struggle to get through life without moving from one job to the other. Accept that you’re going to be working until retirement, and that work will be the biggest part of your life.