What are your biggest challenges at work?
Time management, prioritizing, multitasking, staying cool under pressure, succeeding… and the list goes on.

We all want a lot from ourselves and wouldn’t it be nice to know how exactly to achieve what we want.
Here is a review of the book “YOUR BRAIN AT WORK – Strategies for Overcoming Distraction, Regaining Focus, and Working Smarter All Day long” that attempts to explain how our brains work at work and teaches readers how to organize, prioritize, and perform better in the workplace – despite a daily load of overwhelming challenges (and of course the title says it all too!).

Right at the introduction page one, the author, David Rock, tells you how this book can help you:

“This book will help you work smarter, be more focused and productive, stay cool under pressure, reduce the length of meetings, and even tackle the hardest challenge of all: influencing other people.”

isn’t that what we all are looking for?

And that was one of my reasons to read this book – the title captured my attention –“Your Brain at Work”; I truly believe that anything is possible if we train our brains that way and if this book helps me understand how I react and how I should react in certain circumstances than this is a must-read book for sure. To be successful one needs to go through a lot of thinking (read brain work) – to get organized, to plan, to execute, to manage, to dream success, to deal with failures and many other things that come along. It is the brain at work that manages it all and how well it manages depends on how well we have trained our brains.
The book is structured in a form of a play, the characters are introduced upfront and through the acts I got to know them more and soon became a participant in the analysis of their situations and their reactions to them.

It is through vivid examples help us visualize much better; and this book has successfully accomplished what it initially took upon.
One of the main problems we all face – time management – has been presented well and some thoughtful suggestions we breeze through the lives of the characters brings in new ideas to avoid being overwhelmed. David rightly summarizes; “As the world digitizes, globalizes, unplugs, and reorganizes, having too much to do has become our biggest compliant.”

Who is this book for?
I would say everyone who wants to understand how to improve performance at workplace or in day-today life. Won’t you?

Some of the tips from this book that you can use right away:

  • Schedule the most attention-rich tasks when you have a fresh and alert mind.
  • Group information into chunks whenever you have too much information.
  • To stay in a positive state of mind, find ways to keep coming out ahead of your expectations over and again, even in small ways.
  • Playing against yourself to improve your understanding of your own brain can be a powerful way of increasing your performance.
  • Practice using solution-focused questions that focus people’s attention directly on the specific circuits you want to bring to life.

For more tips and to know your brain more, get this book at: Amazon.com

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(Please Note: I have not been paid to write this review, it is a sincere opinion and my wish to present the readers of this blog to get to know good books that bring value to day to day work life and overall improve our strengths)