Business event planning can be successful only when planned well and executed efficiently. There’s always a lot to do and it is best done with diligent planning. Whether you’re launching a new product, anniversary or opening, it is very important to have a plan of action when it comes to a specific event, almost as important as having a marketing plan for the year. Many companies have a difficult time with event management and often hire third parties to help with their events but this is not always necessary.

Here are five easy but essential steps on how to start planning an event for your business:


no-01rSet aside the date in advance

Whether you are going to do the event in property of the business or in a rented place, remove that date on the calendar and take time to plan by writing down all the needs of the event according to the chosen location.

You can create invites online early on and request guests to register for the event well ahead of time to ensure you have a well-attended event or if it is a free event you can stop registrations after the max allowed number of guests is achieved.


no-02rThink about your budget

Based on the aforementioned list of needs, estimate budget, then compare it to the budget you have and reduce costs effectively. Make the plan for an event equal to having a business plan in general, including economic projections. Last minute printing and banners etc. can be a costly overhead. Planning well in time ensures you can be free from such headaches.

Discuss with the event site management to check on what all is available and what falls under your responsibility to bring to the event.

Keep in mind the stage location and guest seating etc. Will your guests be sitting or standing? If you shall offer complimentary wine and snacks, where should the table be? Make a list of all pending preparations. In order to have all the answers, you need to act and set aside a budget early.


no-03rCreate a team with specialists

Someone in charge of public relations, marketing and organization in general, even someone who can write a press release. If any of these branches is not your forte, be sure to surround yourself with people that do have specific skills for all areas that you should cover to make your event a success.

On site events might require sound, recording or other technical assistance. Ensure you have a list of such people included to contact and hold them accountable by clearing defining expectations. Some small glitches can result in landing you in a tough spot at the event.


no-04rPromotion online and offline

It is true that the online world is great and there are very good ways to make online advertising for events, but do not forget to integrate an offline marketing strategy. At the end of the day, your event is live. Think about flyers and invitations that are not only digital. This will give your event a more personal touch.


no-05rDecorations and identity, think of your brand

Your brand has institutional colours? What is your logo? Think about this for the mood of the event. Thus there needs to be cohesion between the party and what you stand for as a company. You need to make it so your event is not just an excuse to drink for free, but to involve consumers in your brand and your proposal. Some giveaways and branded stuff can be a memorable gesture for the attendees, however it all depends on the budget.


Final tip: Have a checklist. With so much to do and often with many people involved in the process, it is best to have a checklist to make sure everything is taken care of and goes well during the event. While having your own staff handle all the event management essentials for them to grow, it is always best to seek help from a professional event staffing agency. This move will save you from unexpected troubles and help the staff learn from an expert’s point of view.