Gmail productivity hacks to help you make the most of it

Gmail is a powerhouse in itself, and this Email client can help you manage various types of accounts, from business to personal; you can manage many accounts with one tool.

Even if your address is based on your company’s server, you can use Gmail to access mail on your professional ID as long as it is not based on IMAP.

Now, with the integration of Google Docs, and other applications of the G-suite, it has become the go-to platform for not only professionals but casual users as well.

However, it is always advised to strive for improved productivity, and managing Emails is a big part of anyone’s regular day. Once you get a grip on the tool, you can use it to maximize your productivity.

Some of the tool’s best features are often unknown to most people, so here are some Gmail productivity hacks to make your workday much easier.

Customized templates

Typing repetitive Emails is not a fun task and can be monotonous for a person. You can use Gmail’s template feature to switch to customize mailing templates, and this way, you will not even have to copy/paste the information from your sticky notes.

To toggle through these settings, go to the open Setting icon, see all settings, and enable the advanced setting.

Then proceed towards drafting an Email, and once you are done typing it out, select the three stacked dots in the lower-right corner to choose the templates. This will allow you to choose from the previous templates or turn this draft into a template.

Do not forget the power of tools and plugins

Gmail is one of the best Email tools out there, but that does not mean there is no scope for it to improve. You can implement various add-ons onto your account for improved functionality.

Some plugins can enable you to check whether the receiver has opened your Email; on the other hand, some tools help you organize your docs and attachments in one place for easier access.

So you must scour the internet and choose plugins built on Google APIs that suit your needs.

Stop spam

Your Email ID has become necessary if you want to sign up for anything on the internet. From Netflix to your bank, everything requires an email address. But, sometimes, many companies take advantage of it and send spam Emails to those who have signed up.

It is one of the most gated Gmail productivity hacks that not many people know of.

A quick fix to get rid of it is to add a suffix to your email address. For instance, if your email address is, you can use an alias for a particular website, such as

All the Emails will not tamper with your primary inbox, and you will not have to go through spam mail to get to the important ones.

Confidential mode

When you are using Gmail for business, there might be some types of documents or data that you do not want to fall into the wrong hands. So, to prevent anyone from forwarding the message, you can enable confidential mode.

Herein, you will get the option to password-protect your Emails, revoke access to previous Emails, and even set a timer or an expiration date on the mail.

These are the top four hacks that will enhance your productivity and help you manage your inbox in a better way.