kaleioKaleio brings the seemingly unrepresented working-class professional into the spotlight.

Kaleio, which is gaining momentum in a space that, for the most part, is unrepresented by current professional networking sites, is taking a whole new approach to connecting people. As an industry-specific networking platform, the fastest-growing industries on Kaleio include users in construction, education, and retail, among others—something not much out there on LinkedIn.


Members can get filtered results from over 45 specific industries, including technology, construction, education, healthcare, blogging, and many more.


Jim Riley, founder and CEO of Kaleio, says:

“We’ve built Kaleio in order to foster a completely connected workforce, regardless of title, level, employment status, or industry. And we did so because we know there is an entire section of the workforce–not just in the United States–that gets up every morning to provide for themselves and their families, but don’t have a place to connect with like-minded professionals.

With Kaleio, we’re aiming to change that.

Our platform is free and open to anyone, from factory workers to baristas, to business owners, and CEOs, but we do so in a way of intentionally avoiding the air of “senior-level management only” that often comes with freemium platforms.

Our free service works by giving members access to view other users’ profiles, post or answer questions, send messages to industry leaders, and get the latest industry news via a daily newsfeed. In the Marketplace section of the site, brands can post job openings, special offers, or events–all for free. Kaleio also provides users with the Boardroom, which provides them with the ability to have private, encrypted meetings with ongoing discussions, and where they can also upload, share, and even edit documents without ever leaving the Boardroom.

And knowing the importance of mobile accessibility in today’s world, we’ll soon be adding an iOS and Android app, as well as live video feed capabilities, which can be recorded and replayed.”


About Kaleio:


Jim Riley, founder and CEO of Kaleio, is a serial entrepreneur based out of Southern California. He brings over twenty years experience creating and launching successful companies, including a national industrial safety company.