If you’re looking to bail out of the applicant tracking system or have just launched your start-up, Unrabble is the new hiring tool on the web that can enable you to find the right fit for your org.

Since we have been discussing a lot on making the hiring process smarter and away from the traditional resume scanning, it is no wonder that people out there are already working on offering some cool solutions.

Let’s have a look at Unrabble which assists the hiring process by offering evaluation, collaboration and productivity tools “eliminating manual resume screening with automated skill matching”.

It’s free, while the Basic and Pro versions are just $29 and $49 per month with no contract required – affordably priced, Unrabble can offer the HR an easy tool that makes hiring more effective.  The website offers a free trial so you’ll get to test it out whether it works for you and your company.

This application can be very useful for the new entrepreneurs who do not have time and not a large HR team backing them up for the most required talent that they need now. Especially all the young entrepreneurs in their new start-ups – it’s worth your time to have a look at such tools to make hiring effective – you just can’t afford to get the wrong person in just by resume scanning.

Here’s how Unrabble can help you in the hiring process:


    • Advertise – advertise the position – with an online editor interface you can add your company’s information, add the job description and then publish and share on major social networks.
    • Filter – now since you’ll be getting the application in hordes (hopefully), it is time to prepare a filter so you don’t spend your valuable time in the old-fashioned approach of going through each and every resume – cut through the fluff by putting upfront some intelligent questions that help you identify the right fit for your culture. These questions and their answers offer you the ability to find the right attitude candidate who would be a good fit to your org’s culture.
    • Find the Best – now compare the various answers and you can see who stands out instantly. And that’s what makes the process fast and visibly striking.
    • Research – now research on the candidates you have shortlisted by finding out which companies they have worked for before and rate them – short listing also helps in keeping in your database a list of “good-fit” candidates – who knows you might be hiring again in a few months and then you know who else to contact without going through the process again.
    • Verify – background check or reference check. Unrabble automatically shows you which candidates have a connection to you via LinkedIn. An easy to do reference check – now you know why you can do without a recruiting team!

Interview with Kevin Watson, CEO and Co-founder of Unrabble

Question: What makes Unrabble stand out from the traditional applicant tracking systems (ATS) used in the hiring process?

Kevin Watson: The way that Applicant Tracking Systems work is that they parse text-based resumes, scoring candidates based on keywords embedded in the resume. As a result, candidates can score artificially high or low, depending on how many keywords they have in their resume. If qualified candidates don’t use the correct keywords in their resume, they’re automatically rejected without a human even seeing the resume. Conversely if they happen to have the right words, even out of context, they will score high, even though their actual skills or experience don’t match what the employer is looking for. This means that Applicant Tracking Systems, while good at tracking resume flow, are inefficient in the actual hiring process. In addition, they’re also costly and provide a very poor experience for the job candidate.

Profile Based Hiring Solution

Unrabble, on the other hand, is a profile-based hiring solution. Instead of attaching resumes, candidates create an on-line interactive profile that gives the candidate the opportunity to do things a traditional resume cannot do, such as connecting to their social media profiles, integrating video, explaining job transitions, and ranking their skills.

As this rich profile information flows into Unrabble, hiring managers can now easily and more accurately identify candidates that match their needs for specific skills, background or career preferences. Candidate’s whose profiles meet the employer’s requirements can then be analyzed and researched in ways that would have typically required significant time and even phone interviews to accomplish.

Efficient and Integrated Communication

Another time-consuming part of the hiring process is communicating with candidates and including co-workers in the process. With Unrabble, you can communicate with candidates using built-in messaging functionality that eliminates the need to make redundant phone calls or disclose your email and phone number.    Colleagues can easily view, comment on and rate candidates so that hiring managers can see a quick consensus.

Unrabble is an innovative and better approach to hiring. It’s free, while the Basic and Pro versions are just $29 and $49 per month with no contract required.


Question: What is Unrabble’s SaaS solution and is the process easy to use?


Kevin Watson: Unrabble is an on-line software solution. There is no application to install. Plus the web experience has been designed for ease-of-use, for both the job candidate and hiring manager.

For hiring managers, Unrabble makes it easy to create a new job posting, instantly broadcast the job to their social networks, publish it to job boards of their choice, and then quickly identify the most highly qualified candidates as they apply from multiple targets.

Unrabble removes the need to invest in expensive HR software and significantly reduces reliance on HR staff and professional recruiters.  Unrabble is the first solution of its kind to put hiring in the hands of the decision maker and unchain hiring from back office, administrative and expensive third-party services.


Question: As a young entrepreneur in start-up phase, I sure want talented employees working for me, but have no time to do so. Can Unrabble help in making the hiring process quicker than the usual methods?

Kevin Watson: Absolutely. When I was CEO at my previous startup, I experienced first hand how time consuming, inefficient and costly the hiring process was for a startup. It was one of the reasons why my co-founders and I later decided to launch Unrabble.

In a startup, time is an incredibly valuable commodity, so it’s imperative that the team focuses its time and energy on creating a world-changing product instead of drowning in resumes.

By using Unrabble, startups remove a lot of the inefficiencies of the traditional approach to hiring. No resumes clogging up e-mail in-boxes. No scribbling notes on paper resumes. No redundant phone interviews asking the same questions over and over again.

As one example of how much time Unrabble can save, a customer of ours recently estimated that he saved 20 hours by using Unrabble to hire. For a startup, those time savings are incredibly valuable.


Question: How can Unrabble help me in verifying the credentials of a suitable candidate?


Kevin Watson: When applicants create their on-line profile, they can add brags to their career history, such as “I increased sales by 300%.” With Unrabble, hiring managers can ask the candidate to verify specific brags. We call these Micro-references.

The candidate then asks their professional network to verify the brag. As a result, hiring managers can quickly see if candidates can back up what they claim, or not. Without Unrabble, there is no reasonable way in today’s world to do this level of verification.

About Kevin: 

Kevin Watson is Unrabble’s co-founder and CEO. Prior to Unrabble, Watson was the chairman and CEO of Verid, one of the largest providers of identity verification software to the financial services industry. Watson led Verid’s raising of over $20 million in equity prior to the company’s sale to EMC in 2007. Prior to Verid, Watson was the co-founder of C/max Capital. While at C/max, Watson led investments in Verid, Adjoined Consulting and About.com, all of which had highly successful exits. Watson also served as the acting-CFO of About.com, leading the company’s $86 million initial public offering.

Prior to C/max Capital, Watson worked as an investment banker in the technology groups of Dean Witter Reynolds and UBS Securities in New York. During his time on Wall Street, Watson was involved in public offerings for companies in the Internet, computer hardware, computer software, IT services, and semiconductor industries. Watson served on the board of directors of the Florida Venture Forum (Chairman in 2001 and Vice-Chairperson in 1999 and 2000). Watson received a Bachelor’s of Science in engineering from Cornell University.


Resume-free hiring options are here to stay – are you ready for the shift?


Question: Have you used Unrabble? How has it helped you?