Sonic PDF Creator is a totally free mobile PDF solution for smartphones and tablets which allows users to create PDF files right from their iOS and Android powered mobile devices. The app provides easy, instant and accurate conversion of text and Microsoft Office documents to PDF on the go.

Sonic PDF Creator Mobile is a robust, yet lightweight and retarget-efficient solution. This may sound like  fiction, but the fact is that the PDF creation process takes place on the developer’s powerful servers, so it doesn’t affect the performance of the user’s device. The end result is a high quality conversion output combined with a great user experience. The generated PDF files are instantly sent to the user’s mobile device. All converted documents are completely deleted from the server 24 hours after the conversion process for privacy reasons. Additionally, InvestInTech guarantees that the documents are only used for the conversion process and never shared with anyone else.

Sonic Mobile PDF Creator can create PDFs from MS Word, PowerPoint, Excel or Text documents in only two taps. Even users with minimal technical skills can use it to make PDFs effortlessly.


How to Create PDF with mobile Sonic PDF Creator



Making PDFs with Sonic PDF Creator mobile app is a simple, two-step process.


1) Find the document that you want to turn to PDF. It can be an email attachment, a file stored on the SD card, in your device’s document management app, or located in your downloads, etc.

2) Use the Sonic PDF Creator app to open the document and import it into the app. Once the file is imported, the PDF conversion automatically starts.

As soon as the PDF is created, you will find it in the Sonic PDF Creator list.

Now you can preview the file, share it, or use it in conjunction with other apps.


How Sonic PDF Creator can help job seekers

A job search usually starts with preparing a resume. Resumes are usually created using a text processing program such as Microsoft Word. Another very important part of job applications is a cover letter created and formatted in a similar fashion.  Also, keep in mind that although a resume and a cover letter are essentials, candidates may even be asked to submit their professional presentations or various data sheets, which are often created with MS PowerPoint and Excel respectively.


There are other more complicated scenarios and reasons why sending job application documents in highly editable Microsoft Office formats is usually not the best idea.  As most job applications are nowadays submitted via email, it means that these carefully prepared documents will be sent to the prospective employer in an electronic form. However, the person receiving the job application with attached documents may easily see your MS Word document differently than you. They may use a different version of MS Word or might not even use the MS Office suite at all. For example, they may open your resume using Open Office. Or, in other cases, they may be using the Windows version of MS Office when you used the Mac version.


The wisest decision is to convert all your job application documents to PDFs. PDFs preserve your documents’ layout and ensure that they look the same on every device, just as you intended, regardless of the operating system or device the recipient uses.  Sending your job application document in PDF will look more professional and may give you a competitive edge over other applicants.
It is safe to say that a good PDF creation tool is a must-have in every job searcher’s toolbox. In today’s fast-paced, increasingly mobile world, it is important to be ready to submit even a job application on the go.  Considering that the job market is very dynamic and that great job opportunities are scarce, it is absolutely necessary to be prepared for submitting your job application anytime, anywhere. You may want to react fast and seize the opportunity even if you are nowhere near your personal computer, with only your smartphone or tablet at hand. That is when a mobile PDF conversion tool, such as Sonic PDF Creator can help you to turn your resume, cover-letter, presentation or any other important document on your mobile device to professionally looking PDF files and power-up your career literally on the move.