Mettl is a powerful and easy to use online assessment platform, which allows a company to conduct hands on assessment of a candidate for a particular job role. Whether it is programming (coding), communication skills – verbal and written or business acumen, Mettl provides powerful simulation based assessments that can gauge skills of a candidate and ensure proper differentiation among test takers. It has also got an artificial intelligence based mapping engine that can help you create an assessment by just choosing the profile you want to run a test for.

Mettl also largely solves the problem of remote test administration through test proctoring techniques that includes taking random snaps of the candidate during the test. You can take a test drive of all these features by visiting the website at and creating a free account.

In a  conversation with Careerbright, Ketan Kapoor, CEO, Mettl says: “With easy to integrate APIs, Mettl is already being used by top MNCs for powering assessment modules in their training and development programs.”


Mettl for recruitment:


Q. What part of the hiring process can be accelerated using the Mettl assessments? Also does this support mainly the technical assessments or can also be sued for behavioral or personality assessments?


Assessments created on Mettl are effective at every stage of evaluation during the hiring process. Proven benefits for Mettl clients include complete automation of several legs of the interview process and better evaluation at every stage through “hands-on” and simulation based assessments. In the process, while there is significant acceleration in the “Time to Offer”, companies are also ensured a better candidate every time.

Overall, whether it is a test for technical prowess, functional competence, business acumen, communication or behavioral skills – Mettl offers cutting edge technology, rich content and expertise to conduct decisive assessments across job roles, seniority levels and industries.


Q. How does Mettl recruitment assessment tests cut down on the time spent in evaluating candidates?


The premise of innovation at Mettl is to assess candidates by measuring their performance on the job that they are being hired for. The cutting edge ‘hands-on’ or simulation based assessments across technical, functional and behavioral skills at Mettl ensure objectivity and obviate the need for multiple interview rounds with Technical or HR hiring teams.

In one of the recent implementations for a global IT client, the existing technical round of interviews were automated using Mettl leading to a 50% increase in fitment in subsequent HR round and an overall reduction in Time to Offer by 12.2 days.


Q. Are the assessments conducted in real time? How can the hiring manager ensure fair judgement?


Everything is real time in Mettl – from test creation to administration and reporting. Assessments in Mettl can be created and administered to candidates within minutes! As a browser based solution, the assessments are accessible to candidates over the internet and detailed results and test analytics are available as soon as the candidate finishes her test.

Mettl features state-of-art auto invigilation techniques on the platform including Image (random snapshots of candidate is taken at intervals) and Web (limits navigation away from test window) proctoring which ensure a fair and credible test environment away from managed company premises. Apart from a reliable online test environment, the quality of assessment content which has been developed and validated in consultation with industry and high end test analytics are tools that a hiring manager finds most effective in ensuring fair judgment.


Q. Across which industries can the assessments be prepared sat present using Mettl?


Mettl assessments are suitable for every industry across job roles and seniority levels globally. Current client base of Mettl spans multiple industries including IT/ITeS, Banking, Manufacturing, Retail, Supply Chain, E-Commerce, Travel and many more. In fact, Mettl features an Industry Profile-to-Assessment matching engine wherein hiring managers can just pick the profile they are hiring for any the artificial intelligence based system can recommend the best assessment for the profile.


Q. So far which features have been found most useful by your users for recruitment?


Prebuilt Assessments: Extensive library of assessments suiting various industries, job-roles and experience.

Hands-on assessments – Sharper and more effective measurement and analysis of skills using automatic / semi-automatic evaluators for Coding, database queries, English speaking and writing skills, VLSI, Math skills, Typing skills, Data and spreadsheet skills, case study questions, guestimates etc.

Bulk Question Upload: Easy question upload feature for companies helping them create their own question bank

Scalability: Companies can massively scale up their assessment numbers on Mettl without any performance glitches

Customizable assessment platform – Helps build tailored assessments for companies in minutes.

Automatic invigilation – State of art test proctoring features. Prevent impersonation and cheating and ensure credibility of assessment results

Actionable analytics – Deep report on candidates, assessments, skills and questions generated in real time


Mettl for training:


Q. How can organizations tailor their training programs for different skill sets across different industries?

While different organizations need to focus on different skills, Mettl helps them define the competencies and subsequently track its employees on those competencies. These can include technical (across industries and functions), aptitude and behavioral skills. Furthermore, Mettl also serves as an effective tool to create assessments pre and post training interventions to determine effectiveness.


Q. What are the training platforms and how easy is it for the existing training and development teams to integrate your solution to their present system?


Mettl is already being used by top MNCs for powering assessment modules in their training and development programs. Mettl provides easy to integrate APIs which can be used to integrate the platform with existing training/development modules.


Q. Is Mettl training solutions most useful for new start-ups or also for larger companies?


Mettl assessment solutions are equally applicable for large companies as well as startups. On one end Mettl is being used by various teams in multinational corporations internationally and on the other it powers hiring and training assessments for most of the promising startups in India in areas of online travel, gaming,e-commerce, e-retail etc.