OLXUsed in over 105 countries in 40 languages, OLX offers a wide range of services, from education and jobs as well as the buying and selling of all type of products.

OLX India is the next generation of free online classifieds and that’s exactly what I thought until I saw their job postings and the extent of reach this free job posting website has.


How OLX helps jobseekers

Searching for a job in the US, South Africa or India, the local job postings are growing, the more a job seeker is able to find a suitable job closer to home the better. But what meaningfully aids a jobsearch are the options that a job board can offer. The various filters to find a job in your area of interest and close to a preferred location.

To test this out on OLX, I searched if there were any jobs for German or French language speakers in the metropolitan areas in India. Sure, and quite a few popped up with the location and a quick button to reply to the job postings. Most of the jobs also had a phone number to contact for applying or ask for further details. Very convenient! It makes it much easier for the job seeker to get in touch with the recruiter or the hiring manager and know about the job profile or the urgency they need to fill in this position.

I loved this idea since on many job boards, the trend is you fill out the form and post your resume and wait.. and wait .. and hope someone gets back to you.. some day.

Although you can post your resume on this website, it would be most useful to search for jobs in your area of expertise and contact and send resume to the recruiter or the hiring manager.


OLX Mobile

With the OLX mobile for smartphone and tablets app it becomes easier to search for jobs anytime and anywhere.



Ad Campaigns

What has caught the eyes of many in India are the funny OLX ad campaigns – attention grabbing short messages that relate to everyday life and happenings. Whether looking to buy or sell stuff easily or looking for local jobs the process becomes easier with the mobile app.

Here’s one of such ads which we can easily relate to – we all look forward to buying but  how often do we use what we do?


About OLX:
OLX is an internet company based in New York City and Buenos Aires, Argentina. The OLX website hosts free user-generated classified advertisements for urban communities around the world and provides discussion forums sorted by various topics.


Have you used OLX for job search? Pls share your experiences in comments below.