shiftgigShiftgig, the professional networking and employment community for the hospitality and retail industries, is a free job service website that has over 140,000 users and 5,000 businesses in the service industry.
It simplifies the hiring process by matching meaningful candidate profiles with job openings so both sides get better results quickly. Shiftgig also provides the latest information on industry news, events and local promotions.


Here’s an interview with Careerbright, Jeff Pieta, the President and one of the founders of Shiftgig.


Q. There are many job boards and networking sites, known and flourishing. What would make me choose Shiftgig above others?

A.  Shiftgig is the fastest growing networking site specifically made for the hospitality and retail industries. Shiftgig caters more to candidates than other job boards through time-saving features that make the job search process easier and convenient. Shiftgig also helps employers find best-fit candidates quickly and easily through innovative data analysis algorithms.


Q. What are the current pain points in restaurant hiring and how is Shiftgig addressing it?

A.  Since most restaurants tend to be high-volume/low-margin businesses with labor often the #1 or #2 cost, combined with high turnover and the need to maintain a high quality of customer experience, hiring can be a significant pain point. Shiftgig helps in two key ways: Employer
features streamline the recruitment process to save time. Secondly, Shiftgig uses advanced data analysis to make it easier for employers to find best-fit candidates to maintain quality customer service.


Q. Does Shiftgig offer options to search for part-time jobs, for I suppose that many in the hospitality industry do look for part-time jobs.

A. Shiftgig is a complete employment platform with full-time, part-time, seasonal, and occasional jobs.


Q. Which features are your users liking and using the most? How is Shiftgig helping them in better job search and making hiring easy for the employers?

A. Candidates love that employers can reach out to them with job offers. One candidate mentioned that Shiftgig is “like a recruiter that works for me for free.” Candidates also like receiving pro-active alerts of new job posts that are a good fit for their skills and experiences.
Employers like that after they post a job, they instantly see candidates in their area that are a good match. Employer feedback also indicates that a Shiftgig profile gives a more complete picture of a candidate than a resume, leading to more efficient and successful hiring decisions.


Q. Job seekers and employers from which regions of the country can see job postings and post on Shiftgig? Any plans for expanding in other areas?

A. Shiftgig launched in Chicago earlier this year, then expanded to NYC, LA, Miami, Minneapolis, Houston, Philadelphia and Washington D.C. Many more cities coming in 2013!


Good Luck Shiftgig!

 About Jeff Pieta:

ShiftGig2012Jeff is the President and one of the founders of Shiftgig, the professional networking site for the service industry.

Prior to joining Shiftgig, Pieta was the CEO and founder of AIS, Inc., a full-service technology firm that provides IT staffing, consulting, value-added equipment sales, and cloud services. He founded AIS in 2002 after graduating high school to service small business owners who needed IT assistance. Subsequently, Pieta grew AIS to a mid-size firm which serves hundreds of local government, education, and healthcare clients.
In 2011 Pieta transitioned from CEO to Chairman of AIS to focus primarily on growing Shiftgig. Mentored by Pieta, the AIS senior management team continues the tradition of strong growth and profitability.