SAN FRANCISCO, CA (November 26, 2012) – San Francisco-based startup, The One-Page Company, the creator of branded communication tools for corporations and individuals to write effective proposals on one page, today announced that it has raised $1.5M in seed funding. The investment, led by Blumberg Capital, TMT Investments, and Angel Investor Tuff Yen, comes fresh on the heels of the company’s success with the 2011 release of its consumer-facing tool, the 1-Page Job Proposal wizard.

1-Page Job Proposal Platform allows organizations to systematically solicit, distribute and review one page proposals in response to a specific business challenge, ultimately setting the stage for a systematic change in the industry whereby job seekers present themselves as innovators, idea-generators and valuable assets. Companies save time by evaluating a candidate while gaining a more accurate perspective on their potential success within the organization.

Joanna Riley Weidenmiller is the co-Founder and CEO of The One-Page Company which makes branded communication tools for corporations and individuals to write effective proposals in a one page format.

Joanna talks about entrepreneurship, mentors, and the San-Francisco tech scene.


1. What inspires you about entrepreneurship and innovation?


  • Innovation is the core of human success; it’s what separates us from every other animal
  • Entrepreneurship stimulates innovation and allows creativity to breed
  • Everyone has great idea, but not everyone knows how to apply those ideas. Entrepreneurship allows multiple ideas to occur.
  • Entrepreneurship shows the great power of the world: that if you put in enough blood sweat and tears, more often than not, you’ll get something back


2. What got you started? In other words, when did you get “bitten” by the entrepreneur bug?


  • Truth: When I was 4, my best friend and I started a snail annihilating biz and went door to door with bags of salt for a quarter each snail we killed.
  • I was an athlete my whole life and it’s very based on performance, and that’s how entrepreneurship is. When I went to the FBI, that’s when I found out I couldn’t work for the government, I had to work for performance and had to stimulate my creativity


3. How is the One-Page Company setting the stage to disrupt your industry?


  • The One-Page Company believes in hiring based on innovation, by turning everyone’s background into future capability. Our One Page Proposal platform looks for problem-solvers to come up with solutions through innovation to drive America’s best companies
  • One Page Proposal is a new selection tool, it’s changing the way people get hired
  • Through our services, companies may challenge their employees directly, in accordance with their department and duty


4. What are three things that you love about being in the San Francisco tech scene?


  1. The community of help: we learn from and teach each other; there is a healthy knowledge exchange
  2. The ability to connect with the best and the brightest people, that are not afraid of failure
  3. Being in/near Silicon Valley, we get the try the newest services first


About The One-Page

The One-Page Company makes branded communication tools for corporations and individuals to write effective proposals in a one page format. To support the demand and supply side of the markets, the company is building the world’s largest online platform to become to proposals what Google is to search, beginning with jobs.

Whiles resumes are not engaging and solely focus on the job seeker, the 1-Page Job Proposal is a direct proposition for how a candidate can solve a company’s specific business challenge. To date there have been thousands of proposals created with the wizard on, of which over 80% of those job seekers using the tool have secured jobs. Based on the movement that has arisen from the popularity and success of The One-Page Proposal book and the 1-Page Job Proposal wizard for individuals, the company has launched a B2B platform, 1-Page Job Proposal Platform.