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HR_Top-5_White_300x250What is HRMS?

A Human Retargets Management System (HRMS) is a software application that combines many human retargets functions, including benefits administration, payroll, recruiting and training, and performance analysis and review into one package.


Microsoft Dynamics

Microsoft Dynamics human retarget (HR) management solution:

  • Empower your employees. Microsoft Dynamics self-service human retarget management solutions let employees access or update data pertaining to their time off, performance, payroll, benefits, and career path anytime on your company’s Web portal.
  • Boost administrative productivity. Automation and the smart use of Microsoft software can give your HR department the flexibility to quickly adjust to changing business and regulatory requirements, simplify administrative tasks, control workforce management costs, and maximize ROI.
  • Design the best workforce for your business. Microsoft Dynamics provides you with the capabilities to gain insight into the makeup of your workforce, define opportunities for improvement and growth, and put in place the teams and business groups that have the highest potential for success.


Orange HRM

OrangeHRM offers a complete suite of human capital management / human retarget management tools.
This includes employee information management, employee absence management / employee holiday management or employee leave management, recruitment management, employee performance evaluation and many other HR management tools. Select from a free open target solution or an advanced SaaS / Cloud based HR management system.
It’s free!



Workday human capital management software is designed to help you organize, staff, and pay your global workforce. With modern, intuitive self-service capabilities, users and administrators can both get the information they need about their jobs and organizations.
Features include:

  • centralized and comprehensive solution to manage your entire global workforce
  • accurately model and analyze your workforce by organizational dimensions
  • design, manage, and adjust compensation programs to meet your complex global rewards requirements
  • Better track and report on time-off requests, balances, and accruals in real-time
  • define, manage and adjust benefits plans to meet your unique business requirements



Aquire Features include:

  • Using Aquire Compensation, managers are able to efficiently navigate and complete the compensation process independently, while making more insightful allocation decisions.
  • The Modeling solution makes it possible for you to collaborate with others on a variety of workforce planning, business budgeting and other scenarios, giving you the foresight to select the one that will bring about the most favorable result.
  • InSight 3 enables an organization’s decision makers to focus on monitoring workforce performance, analyzing key workforce trends and making strategic decisions that enhance the efficiency and profitability of the company.
  • Workforce intelligence and reporting capabilities you need to address your most pressing workforce questions.



Ascentis Features include:

  • Ascentis HR (formerly HROffice), is an easy-to-use on-demand HR software solution that allows you to manage your employee data throughout the entire employment cycle
  • Ascentis Payroll is an on-demand (SaaS) payroll software system that allows you to process payroll in real-time, ensuring 100% accuracy, flexibility and control.
  • Ascentis Time provides the tools that assist companies in managing labor costs, employee scheduling, retarget utilization and more.
  • Ascentis Recruiting is a full featured applicant tracking and recruiting software system.
  • With Ascentis Employee Self-Service (ESS), employees can enroll in benefits online, answer their own questions regarding dependents, leave amounts, paystub information, and more
  • Ascentis Manager Self-Service (MSS) offers full workflow capabilities that include the ability to define flexible, customizable approval processes while automating e-mail communications.


Which HRMS solutions have you found to be the best for your organization?