It’s the human connection that matters and in today’s’ world, that’s the way jobsearch works.

According to a NewYork Times article:

Referred candidates are twice as likely to land an interview as other applicants, according to a new study of one large company by three economists from the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. For those who make it to the interview stage, the referred candidates had a 40 percent better chance of being hired than other applicants.

And just as you are nodding to what is said above, you would be thinking of your connections on LinkedIn. And now there is another web service which focuses just on this – how to get your resume in the right hands through a referral.


Job with Friends


The free web service aptly named Jobs with Friends, is located at New users simply sync their Facebook & Linkedin connections and the system organizes all companies in their network. You can then check for available jobs at each firm and if you see one that’s interesting, ask that friend for a referral. They’ll get a written request to refer you in their Facebook or Linkedin inbox. You can even upload a resume which your friend can download & submit to their Human Retargets department.

“If I’m looking for a job, I’d rather start with a tool like this”, says CareerCloud CEO Chris Russell. “Being able to leverage one’s contacts is a much better way to look for work. Not only will it help you get hired faster but your friend will probably get a referral bonus from their employer. It’s a win-win.”


Here’s some information on how to use Jobs with Friends.


Have you used this service or have you used a friend as a referral? Do share your thoughts/experiences in comments below.


This infographic through Jobvite says a lot about the value of a referral: