If you’re working from home and need to get your photos, designs, or documents printed, then you need to make sure that your printer stays running well so you can get your job done without missing a print!

How To Take Care Of HP Printers

If you own a HP printer then you will be keen to keep it in a good condition so that it will last for many years. However, knowing how to maintain your printer can be hard and so we have put together this simple guide with some pointers that you can follow. Check them out below.

Keep Your Printer Clutter Free

The first tip is probably the easiest to do and all it requires is for you to keep your printer free of clutter. Many people stack things on their printers without thinking but this can stop it from working properly and cause it to break well before it has passed its best. One way of achieving a clutter-free printer is to store it somewhere that isn’t in your normal walkway, this will reduce the chance of you dropping something on it and letting it build up with papers and books.

Run the Maintenance Program

The internal mechanisms of your printer are lubricated using printer ink and so do not often need to be cleaned. However, running the maintenance program that comes pre-installed on your printer every 3-6 months will mean that any issues are avoided before they happen. It is important to note that the internal workings of a printer are kept sealed and you should never try to access them as your printer may break if you do.

Use a Lint Free Cloth

A small but important job when caring for your printer is to wipe it with a dry, lint-free cloth at least once a week. BY doing this you will reduce the dust that settles on the machine and keep it in good working order. If you do not wipe your printer down regularly then dust can accumulate and penetrate the mechanisms, causing them to have to work harder than necessary.

Buy High-Quality Ink

HP ink replacement is expensive and many of us end up purchasing genuine inks because we are afraid of breaking our machines. However, you can avoid this and still get high-quality ink! Buying ink from a specialist ink provider like Smart Ink will not only save you money but also give you the high-quality ink you crave. What’s great is that a standard HP 902 ink cartridge will cost up to 50% less when you choose replacements over genuine. Give it a try today!

Look After Your Printer

Whether it is choosing the best ink for HP printers or finding the right way to clean it, maintaining your machine needs to be on your list of priorities. Well looked after printers will last a lifetime and save you the hassle of having to spend your hard-earned cash on a new model! HP is a well respected and trusted brand so when you choose to buy an expensive printer from them, you can be certain that it will do what you need it to! Try some of our tips today and enjoy a well maintained printer for now and forever.