I recently came across Purzue and used it to see how I can improve on my resume format and style. Impressive indeed. If you have been searching for what fonts work best for your resume, or a change in design to how it looks now and more so to optimize it for mobile and web – Purzue is the application for you.


Purzue is a resume building application that transforms the traditional resume into an interactive product, optimized for mobile and web.

Purzue brings people the modern resume they want. It is quick to create and simple to use. By fully embracing the web, Purzue eliminates the use of papers, folders, and files that are often lost with a traditional resume.  Purzue becomes the central place for you to create, manage and distribute your resume.

This application can also be useful for the those candidates who have an impressive LinkedIn profile. During the resume upload process, you have an option to upload all information from your LI profile and present in a well-formatted resume.

Purzue LogoThis cloud-based resume can be exported into multiple formats for job applications anywhere on the web and allows users to have their resumes at their fingertips at all times. With the Purzue resume uploader, users can import their existing resumes with Purzue or import information from Facebook and LinkedIn. Purzue provides an elegant design so that users don’t have to struggle with format, and have the flexibility to focus on content.

Purzue’s Resume Navigator provides tips, cautions, and even analytics to let users know if they are being seen. Users can see their resumes updating live while they are adding and editing information. Purzue allows the resume to be responsive and hands-on, unlike the paper resume that can be lost or left unseen.

Purzue is an internet startup that launched in January 2012. It’s a free resume creation application that transforms the resume into an engaging product. Potential employers can also view the resumes and download them in a variety of formats.

The Purzue Blog features weekly posts on how to improve your prospects in specific or overall job markets.

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