One of the biggest fears for business owners when they are growing their company is that they will lose the culture that helped them to stand out in the first place. If you are wanting to expand your company but you are worried about the effect that it could have on your company, this article is here to give you some advice about the ways in which you can preserve your culture no matter how big your business grows.

company culture

OneDon’t Deviate from Your Mission


When you established your company in the first place, you did so with certain mission statements firmly in mind. As your company grows, you need to be careful that you don’t lose sight of what your initial goals were. When you add new staff members to your workforce, you need to ensure that they share the same principles that you do and that you have a clear training process that outlines what you are trying to accomplish as a business.


twoCheck the Fit in the Hiring Process


Even a single candidate who is not right for your business can disrupt your organisation in a big way, so you need to ensure that your hiring process is comprehensive. Whether you are hiring your first or your hundredth employee, they should still be subject to the same standards. You don’t want people who simply follow along with the crowd for the sake of getting a job. You want people who are the right fit in the first place.


threeKeep Up with New Employees


Even if you are unable to manage each part of the hiring process anymore, you should still keep a general overview of it. And when people start working for you, it is a good idea to speak to them all personally to welcome them and share some of your vision. You should also seek support from long-term staff members who can help you out with getting all new employees up to speed.


Encourage Close Interaction Between Departments and Employees


The problem with big companies is that there tends to be a sense of division amongst different department and employees. So, you should aim to encourage as much interaction as possible. Open up a range of channels online and keep them working with an IT services company. But also ensure that employees meet face to face on a regular basis as this can help prevent miscommunication and distrust.


Create a Strong HR Department


Your HR department should be central in growing your company without losing the culture. First of all, they will play a big part in the hiring process. But beyond this, they will also have responsibilities such as training and conflict resolution. Once you have a strong HR department, you have the perfect base from which you can maintain your company culture.


When your company is growing rapidly, you need to take special care that it doesn’t lose the culture that you have taken the time to build up. These are just a few of the ways that you can do this best.