The beauty and attraction of getting to run ones own business is that it is yours and you can take it where you want it on your own time. You might have the cool notion of working on your time and knowing when to get off; but in reality there is always so much to be done that you always have the feeling of never having done enough!
It is hard to draw boundaries between work and personal time especially when a lot is going around especially in the initial and mid stages of a growing venture. For an entrepreneur it is not easy to strike that “balance” which we all talk about because most of the time, the mind is full of ideas on what to do next. If you were a 9 to 5 employee and your work is task assigned of course it is easy to shut off and get on the next day, but an entrepreneur is a super multi takers – a self-marketer, financial planner and expert, management guru and a looked-upon leader. Expectations rise and so does work.

But believe me it is not as bad and stressful as it might sound above; everyday is exciting and you are on an adventure trail trying out new ideas and leaning all along. It is simply amazing to create something and see it grow (very similar for a mother seeing her little ones grow and thrive). Thus of course, there are birth and growth pangs but the joy of the journey and arriving ‘there’ is worth all of it!

Sure enough as an entrepreneur I have always felt that my business is my baby and so I am always busy and never done and that is exciting!

If you are an entrepreneur, how are you enjoying or dealing with your journey?