Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. It goes without saying, people behold far more every day – especially when it comes to quality and value. In the world of marketing this is crucial for advertising in both brand recognition and product promotion.

Brand Marketing Vs Product Marketing

Whereas brand marketing promotes your brand as a whole, product marketing focuses on specific products or services you wish to highlight. As a general rule of thumb, both types of marketing should be used in conjunction with one another for a well-rounded strategy.

But how can you implement effective brand and product marketing strategies to ensure they are worthy investments? Here are a few ideas.

Freedom On Display

Displaying your brand or product to a pair of eyes is a guaranteed way to draw consistent attention, like how up to 71% of drivers in traffic will look at passing billboards during travel. In the digital age, billboarding has gotten an upgrade.

The old world of billboarding has given way to a new means of displaying brands and products, a digital method. Gone are the days of single flat images sprawled across brick or metal, welcoming the brighter, colourful world of digital billboards boasting fully-lit imagery on a crystal clear screen.

Businesses can now expand their creative palette from the advancements made possible – such as adaptive advertising – to suit any occasion with the change of a screen or a smartly designed visual that makes full use of the moving imagery to promote both their brand and their products seamlessly together for visual marketing that moves with the tastes of your audience.

Right On Target

The keyword in product placement is ‘place’. Understanding your target audience means knowing their surroundings and behaviours to better market your product in a way that resonates with the spirit of their virtual and physical location.

Both product and brand marketing benefits immensely from understanding your target market more comprehensively. This will give you flexibility to adjust your advertising to better capture the appeal of a variety of cultures and demographics, with intuitive change-ups of your ad and location-to-location specific graphics across numerous platforms.

You can also leverage each platform’s analytics, or employ your own campaign analysis, which will allow you to evaluate the effectiveness of your advertisements, all while fine-tuning your accuracy to help you reach your target audiences.

Be Ahead Of The Curve

Brand messaging is important. In order for a message to stick, it requires not just a speaker and a listener, but also an understanding. In other words, you will need to be on the pulse of what the customer desires – and just like the seasons, the customer is always in a state of change.

With this in mind, your brand and product marketing must be adaptable and flexible, well suited to capture change, engaging your audience no matter the time or place, bringing the process of marketing into a continual conversation with the customer.

As you can see, both brand and product marketing are worthy investments, allowing you to improve brand awareness and boost sales respectively. Together, they will form a robust marketing strategy, especially when employed across a variety of different platforms. With these ideas in mind, you can ensure you have the tools you need to take your brand and product marketing to the next level.