Do you have a dream to become a writing whiz to begin a thriving content writing career? If so, then there are some do’s to follow while beginning!

Nowadays, writing content is a fantasy job opportunities for several people. Some want to start a newspaper content or reports writing career, while others wish to be freelancers or online entrepreneurs creating blogs and useful content for influential websites.

But, thinking only about putting in efforts to make it eye-catching is not enough. There exist some golden rules to follow that begin from knowing the pinpoints to check plagiarism – that you should know. And that is what we will teach you in today’s short post! So, if you are also getting curious to know more, we suggest you read on!

Golden Rules: What you need to do when starting a content writing career?

Before getting into it, we want to clarify a question that you might be thinking about: Where do I start a content writing career? Well, you can go for crafting your own blog/website where you can write with freedom. Aside from this, you can also partner with companies that need content writing services.

You have to realize that grabbing readers’ attention with high-grade website content can be a daunting task. Many visitors stay on a web page for just a few seconds before thinking about what they want to do next. So, remember, website writing is the door that could open to the odds. The target is to write well-written content by keeping the following do’s in mind:

  • Dig Deeper to know your audience!

It looks easy to research audience interest, but in reality, it can be challenging. Knowing about your audience can help you understand how to craft content that gives you potential engagement. In other words, the more you give priority to your audience in your content, the more you will get higher rankings. Many people hold a pen and paper—or put their finger to the keyboard—before considering who it is they are striving to reach.

Starting from scratch without any objectives is like digging in the desert for water. So, before composing content, ask yourself some questions: Who is my main audience? What about my secondary audience that helps to inform my first audience? Whereby will they discover my website online? And when you get the points, try to write them down on a notepad. Also, try to check plagiarism out to know whether or not your points are unique.

  • Do keyword research.

After grabbing ideas and audience viewpoints, it is time to get through the keyword process to become a favorite in the eyes of Google. Keywords are the words that your audience types on the Google bar to search for a service, product, or data. You have to conduct keyword research using online tools such as Ubersuggest and Ahrefs to grab the relevant keywords for your content.

  • Follow the inverted pyramid structure.

Try to save in your mind: readers possess short concentration spans—they will determine whether your website has the correct info they require in moments. It means you have to structure your article/blog in a way that grabs readers’ attention in a matter of seconds.

Expert writers suggest you follow the upside-down pyramid or cone that keeps the reader in a flow. The most eye-popping words go at the head of the content body. Then, slowly dig down to the further particular supporting message. Also, remember to check plagiarism using the plagiarism tool after picking new words/sentences for your content.

  • Keep your content concise.

Good writing is the one that is easy to read and understandable. You never know that many people have a ‘bad reading ability.’ Out of which many of them are students of different grades that crave terms that teach them quickly.

Stuffing hard-to-read sentences will affect the reading scores, and your audience will split the content without showing any engagement. Ultimately, your search engines will rank your content in their low-set list that may be harmful for you!

  • Write in an active voice.

Good content is the one that keeps the readers in a flow and active. Well, this is only possible if you use active voice sentences instead of passive verbs in your content. It will specify the point of the sentence in a better way.

  • Ensure the content’s originality.

Have you noticed, at many points, we have strictly instructed you to check for plagiarism? Nothing can ruin your content writing career, but plagiarism can. It is a horrible theft that can leave your efforts worthless!

Whether you have written a short post or a 1000+ word article, you have to make sure that whatever you have written is 100% original. Otherwise, your website may face penalization by Google. If you want to keep yourself away from it, always check plagiarism using an efficient plagiarism checker such as PlagiarismDetector.Net before publishing anything.

End Words

You have to know that anyone can write flourishing content if he/she knows what works best for their content. Above, we have mentioned some golden rules, helping you to start from the ground and achieve what you desire. Also, don’t forget to proofread your content and check plagiarism so you can set an evergreen content writing career without any hassles.