Human Retargets is one of the most critical components of any company, and yet it is often also the most overlooked, under-appreciated, and under-optimized department. Where would your company be without the talented and dedicated people who fill your ranks? Nowhere, probably.

So what can you do to bring your HR department into the modern age and compete with all of these tech-savvy startups and Google-sized corporations for quality talent? We’ve got four impactful but achievable ways to streamline your HR system and pack your business with the best talent on the market today.

OneInvest in an Applicant Tracking System

It’s pretty hard to retain good talent if you can’t attract it in the first place. Applicant tracking systems provide so many benefits that it’s difficult to sing their praises enough. Programs such as Applicant Tracking Systems (check out Applicant Tracking Systems – Free ATS Software Demos and Price Quotes) enable you to:

  • Post job announcements in a consistent format
  • Automatically filter applications to select qualified candidates
  • Interface with the most popular job search websites to get your posting noticed
  • Ensure legal compliance with hiring
  • Streamline and integrate the onboarding process with your existing systems

Having all of these functions available in a single system will do wonders to reduce your hiring workload and make the entire process more efficient and effective.


twoPrioritize Learning Management

One of the most common complaints we hear these days is how little opportunity there is for growth within companies. Our grandparents could realistically expect to land a job with a good company and stay with them until retirement.

However, nowadays it is most common to hear of people jumping from job to job every couple of years in search of promotions or more opportunities. Wouldn’t it be better to keep the workers you already have and invest in augmenting their skills and knowledge, rather than wasting time hiring and training new people who will also leave you in a couple of years?

Providing an internal mechanism for people to improve their skills or develop the new ones that the company needs. This will result in better employee retention and a workforce with skill sets more directly tailored to your business’ needs.


threeEngage in Performance Management

Popular consensus holds that performance management is a pain in the you-know-what. The truth, though, is that most employees value knowing where they stand concerning the quality of their work and how well they meet company expectations.

The trick here is to ensure that performance management is done thoughtfully, consistently, and that you take concrete action based on the results. This goes for both positive and negative reviews. It is equally important to reward employees with stellar reviews as it is to coach those who miss the mark.  

Instituting a quality performance management system has the potential to retain valuable talent, as well as attract new people because, trust us, word spreads quickly when people are rewarded for their work.


Incorporate Compensation Management

The goal here is to compensate your best employees well while remaining within your allotted budget. In order to achieve a favorable return on your investment, it is necessary to take the positive results of the performance management discussed above and turn them into rewards.

These can be both monetary and non-monetary rewards, depending on your company and the results. One important thing to note here: the growth of the internet and changing attitudes about sharing company information have created an expectation of transparency in employee salaries.

Websites like Glassdoor are forcing businesses to share their compensation schemes, which makes it all the more critical for yours to be competitive within your industry.



There are many more ways to up your HR game. But these four additions will provide a solid starting point to enhance your success with talent acquisition and retention. And from there, the possibilities are endless!