Spring and summer months, that are climate-friendly, are great for hosting outdoor events to promote your business. An outdoor event could truly help your business grow. There are several forms of outdoor marketing events so they can look different, but each of them has advantages. They have the potential to get tons of new people to your business, and if you do it right, you can really attract a lot of foot traffic. It also gets your employees out into the community so they can meet potential clients face to face. It is just nice to get outdoors and enjoy the air for a change. In order for your outdoor event to be successful, you have to market it correctly by using key strategies that will drive people to you and give you a return on your investments.


OneMake your brand stand out

You want your prospective new clients to walk past where you are set up and see what you have. And you want them to remember what they see so that your marketing tactics are not in vain. In order to create a setup that people will look at and remember, you will have to invest in your business and make your brand as prominent as possible. Consider the amazing canopies, tents, displays, and inflatables you can get at Instent.com. You will not have to search anywhere else. They will help answer your questions about size also. You can also have your business name custom-printed on your canopy or tent. This will really catch the eye of a prospective customer.

You need to make the area you are in as straightforward and memorable as possible without making it gaudy or tacky. The goal is to make sure people can see your brand from a distance, and that it is so unique that they can remember your brand when they need something that you offer. Who knows, one of these people walking by might even be interested in working for your company. To them, you might look like the type of company where they want to be.


twoGive incentives for people to get engaged

People walking by your setup and merely talking or noticing you is great, but you will get more out of the event if you can get people engaged with your business. You can do this by inviting people in to have specific conversations with your people. Give out some free products which people always love or have a game they can enter so that if they stick around and stay engaged they can find out if they win a cool prize. You could have them enter a drawing and draw names towards the end of the event so people stick around the entire time. There are so many ways to get the community involved, and the more engagement you have at an event, the better the return will be.


threeStart using social media to your advantage

Everyone and their mother is already on social media every day and using it off and on all day long; use that to your advantage. If this event is for your own business, think up an interesting hashtag for it so that the entire event can be documented and people can follow along with it. Stay active on social media for the weeks and even months leading up to the event and during the event itself. This will show existing customers and potential clients that you are committed to your business and that you believe in this event. It also gives you a chance to engage with prospective customers, post pictures and videos of the event while it’s going on live, and you can gauge how the people are responding to the event.


Find ways to follow up with people after the event

What really matters about your event is not during the event at all, it is after the event is over when the feedback matters. You want to hear what people have to say not only about the event you hosted but also about what they thought about your business as a whole. You want to make sure that you have a good way to follow up with people who came by. You can do so by having a jar for people to drop their business cards, set out a paper for people to put their emails on so that you can send out things like promotions and offers, or get their numbers. This is the most important part of the entire event as it shows that you care about your potential and existing clients. These steps will show that you not only know what you are doing, but you care about your clients and you want them to have experiences that are nothing less than great!