Branding is one of the most important drivers of sales, but how can you ensure that yours is making the most impact? First, consider what branding encompasses: logos, advertisements, customer service, employee uniforms, and the list goes on. It can feel overwhelming to bring together those seemingly independent factors, but that’s exactly what you must do. A successful company smoothly integrates its entire essence into one cohesive brand that’s instantly recognizable and, in return, profitable. If you’re rebranding your company or creating one for the first time, consider these tips to make yours as effective as possible.



Potential customers can’t buy your product if they don’t know what you’re selling. It may be tempting from a creative standpoint to solely imply what your product is, but that won’t work. You only have a few seconds to capture the attention of consumers, so don’t waste it by asking them to guess what you’re selling. This is especially important when it comes to logos and advertisements. Confusing brands will only frustrate your customers. Your brand needs to clearly tell them what your product is and why they need it.



Think of your brand as the personality of your company. All parts need to work together to become a fully-realized idea. Consumers are quick to see through companies that only tell them what they want to hear, especially if the messages aren’t consistent.

You’ll get better results if you create a brand that people can instantly recognize because every message works towards reinforcing your company’s personality. For example, independent business owners who specialize in direct selling with Amway are always provided with reliable, well-branded products by the company. A consistent brand gives a business leverage over its lesser-known competition, which makes it more appealing to investors.


Be Innovative

In a world where everyone is yelling for attention, you have to be the one to actually get it. Many companies strive for consumer attention in similar ways, which means if they’re all doing the same thing, nothing stands out. If your brand makes a statement and stands behind it, consumers will recognize that you can be trusted. Don’t allow corporate processes to hinder you from reacting to customers’ needs or changing with the social climate. If your customers’ needs are being met, they’ll return. Word of mouth is one of the greatest advertisements a business can get.


Be Meaningful

People like to know that how they spend their money matters, so if a company can make someone feel good about buying their product, consumers are more likely to do so. So many businesses miss opportunities to create a meaningful brand because they’re afraid of alienating consumers by taking a stand for something they believe in, but that fear is unfounded. Brands that add meaning to consumers’ lives outperform the stock market by 133%. An example of meaningfulness would be donating a portion of sales to communities in need, like the literary company Out of Print does.


Be Memorable

A hallmark of great branding is when consumers start to use the name of your brand in place of the name for a product, like asking for a Kleenex instead of a tissue. Kleenex has become synonymous with the product it creates. Strive for that level of success by making your brand the most memorable it can be. If your brand is the first thing a consumer thinks of when they go to purchase a product, they’ll be much more likely to buy from you. Companies that do this dominate the market.

It’s important to remember that a good brand takes time to cultivate, and you may not hit the right mix of strategies on your first try. Even some of the most profitable businesses struggled to find their footing. Research your market thoroughly, and if a tactic doesn’t work, reevaluate your plans. Don’t give up. Branding and sales are inextricably linked; one side is generally not successful without the other, so taking the time to improve your brand will always pay off.