Let’s start off with one mega-resounding fact: over 90% of all mobile users prefer using apps to navigating websites. Over 90%. Wow. That pretty much says it all when we are talking about the importance of apps when it comes to business.

mobile appThis comes as no surprise when you think about, though, first there were desktops, which got wiped out by laptops, and now laptops are being wiped out by mobiles. Mobiles are the future and that means mobile apps are very quickly going to become more normal than putting on socks before shoes.

Here is the best part: there is nothing stopping you from having an app of your own and, with benefits like the ones we’ve laid out below, you’d be foolish now to head in this direction as of now.


  1. Boost Your Brand

Branding is one of the things that encourages customer loyalty, and having an app for your business can achieve great market branding . Your company logo is going to be plastered on people’s phones; the very device so many are addicted to. That is going to make you pretty hard to forget, neglect or even ignore.


  1. Save Time & Energy

This is the whole point of having an app, they save the two most valuable commodities of all consumers. It is the Netflix effect; we all want everything immediately and we want in in one-click. It could be that you have ID scanner that allows users to register in a matter of seconds, it could be having the same buy with one-click function as Amazon, or you could go that one step further and adopt Domino’s pizza no-click purchase. Yeah, you heard that right. You may think this is unnecessary, but all of this plays into the hands of consumer wants.


  1. Much More Customers

If you can market your app just right, you will see your new business numbers hit the roof. Just note the part where we said market your app just right. Research shows that less than 38% of apps are found through search engines and app stores. Instead, it is your own website and social media pages that will work best for you. So promote your new app through these channels. Let your current customers know about it and encourage those who have stumbled across you consider it.


  1. You’re Missing Out

In case you haven’t realised, we love a stat, and we love this stat in particular. 22% of all internet users only use their mobile device for browsing. 22% is a large chunk of people, especially when you consider that 90% of those prefer apps to websites. What are we getting at? This: if you don’t have an app then you are missing out on a large portion of potential business.


  1. Excellent Engagement

An engagement strategy is one of the most effective businesses processes when we’re talking about productivity, which is probably why businesses are using mobiles to ramp up how they engage with their customers in ways tailored to their needs. Some allow you to scan an item in-store and see reviews pop up on their phone. Some allow you to sway decisions by suggesting things to wear, things to buy, services to try and things to eat. What does all this mean? Well, better engagement means better loyalty, much better loyalty in fact. It could just be that you can converse with customers through an app, it will still make a difference.