Where do budding entrepreneurs go for feedback on their ideas and design? Of the various local events and mentoring workshops, there’s one more you can add to your list – A Global Service Jam.

Meet new designers, innovators and thinkers, bounce off your ideas off other people, and play around with what comes back.
A Jam is not a conference, you don’t listen to a lecture or presentation; it’s a discussion group with a clear goal in mind. And yes, it’s time bound.
Anyone can take part. You just need to be interested in services or creativity, and have an open, enquiring mind. You might be a service designer, an academic, a customer, a student, a customer experience person, a UX ninja, a patient, someone in the customer frontline, unemployed, an actor, an artist, a doctor, a grandpa or a kid.

What is a Jam?


On 1 March 2013, people who are interested in service and using a design-based approach to problem solving and creativity will meet all over the globe. In a spirit of experimentation, co-operation and friendly competition, teams will have 48 hours to develop brand new services inspired by a shared theme. On Sunday at 3pm, they publish them to the world.

Curious to find out what happens at a Service Jam. Click here.

Find a jam session near to you here – oh yes, it’s global.

“A thriving start-up is a possible outcome of a Jam, but it’s certainly not the goal. Put another way, a musician does not go to a Jam to record an album – that’s what a studio is for.”

San Jose Global Service Jam
Bay Area, CA – upcoming event:
The San Jose Global Service Jam 2013 is part of an international event where people from over 100 locations on 6 continents get together to design a service, inspired by a shared theme.
The San Jose part of the Global Service Jam 2013 will start on Friday evening, March 1st with the announcement of the shared theme and will end on Sunday afternoon, March 3rd with group presentations and judging.
You can expect to:

  • Have lots of fun
  • Learn and share Design Thinking tools and methods
  • Have the chance to meet and collaborate with different people from different backgrounds
  • Create a great service


When: March 1st, 2013 @ 5:00pm to March 3rd, 2013 @ 5:00pm (Register)
Where: World Centric, 2121 Staunton Court, Palo Alto, CA 94306
What to bring: Your passion, imagination, a notebook and anything that you may need to build your prototype such as a laptop, tablet, camera, video camera, Legos, Play-Dough, etc

Register here for the San Jose Jam.