You have read the success stories. People are making millions after finding success starting their own business. Could you be the next Startup company millionaire? Perhaps. You will need to have strong passion and a drive to succeed. You will need to be able to face the tough times ahead when it seems like you are never going to win. You should be a strong leader and able to interact with your potential customers. Does this sound like you? Then you might have it what it takes to be an entrepreneur. But, it takes money to take things a next level and these tips here might help you get funded.



Prepare to get Funded


How are you going to get money for this new company of yours? The best way to do this is to have a clear convincing idea that you believe in with a fiery passion and can make others believe in it as well.

It’s best to take some time and brainstorm for a few days with your team or partners on how and what are the best routes to get funded. You have to well prepared to show that you and your team and your idea has the potential to make money and last in the long run. You might be hearing a lot about the startup boom and how many companies are getting funded everyday but may don’t know about the hundreds that get rejected every day. It’s important to be well prepared and know what you are going to present to your potential investors is what they want to see and invest in.

Think about what is your major USP (Unique Selling Point) and what will make your company highly competitive? You may also want to think about offering incentives for investors who sign on the dotted line. Look at crowdfunding websites for more advice.


Get Advice, Help and Expertise


There is nothing wrong with getting some support. You can speak to businesses already in the market. You may find they will be willing to share marketing costs with you, but we will get to that. Everything begins with a good networking practice and developing good relations with either investors or those who can help you get to the right ones.

You can also look at companies that offer support. For instance, if you are going to be using a lot of computing technology you may want help setting up from a company like Netstar. Another reliable target of funding to an extent are your friends and family. If you have a strong value proposition and a trust circle, reaching out to them for help (with a promise for good returns in time) might help you get to your funding goals faster than you expect.


“You were born to win, but to be a winner, you must plan to win, prepare to win and expect to win.” ~Zig Ziglar


The ramp up begins now. You had the idea. You got the money to pay for it. You took the advice and the help to get set up properly. To get out there a viable product or service is not enough make you get around a team or expertise to help get started on a good marketing and sales strategy. You can market online, on TV or the radio. Which you choose will relate to what kind of customer profile you are looking to attract. Online is a fantastic way to get a space in the global market. If you are looking at online marketing, you also need to research SEO to get your company website seen. However, if you are a local small business, you may not need a website. You may instead want to think about an ad for a radio station that broadcasts to the local area.


There’s no one recommendation or path that can get you to success as an entrepreneur, it is a journey that is well travelled through experience. But remember that we can always learn from others experience. Keep yourself up to date on trends and competitors and have a ‘can do’ attitude. Good luck!