Event marketing is a no easy task whether for a small organization or large. It takes months and months of preparations and for those who can afford it, there’s a whole team assigned to prepare for business events, expos, trade-shows or large conferences. To be prepared well defies the success or just have-been-there presence.


One the most visible presence is through your booth presence (yes location matters a lot), messaging on posters and overall look and feel. To begin with let’s explore printing collaterals, posters etc. Most modern companies today require some sort of printing service, whether you choose to do it in-office or via a professional service. When deciding which option suits your needs best, there are certain points to consider to ensure that your output is professional, cost- and time-effective as well as gives a good impression to potential and current clients or customers.


  1. Printing Flyers or Posters


Professional look and feel is a must for events where you showcase your product or your company. It is a good idea to get the high quality printing such as photographs or image-intensive flyers or posters are best done through a professional service such as Onlineprinters.co.uk that can offer you quality assurance. While you are at it, maybe you can look for eco-friendly options where they offer carbon neutral printing options so you can contribute to a more sustainable cycle. If you choose to print these yourself, make sure you are aware of the printing problems such as ink smears or alignment problems. Most printers are also not able to handle thicker paper, which can cause your output to look less professional. Keep in mind that low quality outputs being sent to customers may give an impression of unprofessionalism or inter-office printed memos or notices could also be done easily and more sustainably through email services. Also limiting the printing to required number might be a good idea to ensure minimum waste and saves money.


Initially, printing from the office may seem like obviously the less-expensive option. However, there are certain costs associated that may drive up the price. This can include the initial costs for the printer, the ink replacements, paper costs (especially if you have to use high quality paper), as well as maintenance and running costs for the printer itself. Carefully determine if you will be saving money through a printing service versus using an in-office one to determine your costs associated. You may need to also spend extra time learning about how to choose the right paper for you.


Marketo suggests a good divide between the various marketing activities related to successful events. Well defined by this image here.



  1. Booth Design


Booth design, look and feel and more so the location is very important to increase foot fall to your booth. And so is manning your booth with dedicated staff members who truly understand the product or service you are showcasing and more importantly are passionate about it. It shows very clearly when someone is not interested and the disinterest trickles down to the observers or your potential clients.

Often people just walk by if your booth looks unprofessional, has shabby or disinterested employees or displays lack the excitement that draws people to know more. Few things you can do to spruce up tardiness:

  • A good color scheme that matches your branding or product is a good way tp plan the look and feel of the booth.
  • Ask staff to greet people with a smile and be eager to answer questions from somewhat curious passersby.
  • Place informative standees or posters strategically to attract interest.
  • Organize demos or giveaways as incentives to interact with your brand. It goes a long way in getting people line up at your booth!