It seems that every few months there’s a new software application that businesses are encouraged to invest in. And because we’re worried about being left behind as our competitors stride ahead, we spend a lot of money and retargets on implementing a new package. Frustratingly, these expensive trends come and go, having made little or no impact on the day-to-day running of our businesses, taking us back to square one.

Interestingly, the same can’t be said for HR software. This cloud-based system provides your HR teams with the tools they need to grow, automating many of the long processes that take valuable time away from employees and business objectives. Managing employee-related tasks has never been easier. Want to know more? Read on for the importance of investing in HR software. 

Employee data stored in one place

By using Cloud HR Software, you eliminate the need for complicated spreadsheets, confusing databases, paper files, insecure email chains and the reliance on internal servers and hard drives. When you have your employee data scattered across your business in numerous formats, you run the risk of misplaced files and accidental deletion, not forgetting potential security risks. With HR software systems, all your data is stored in one centralised location, meaning your HR reps can access the files they need within moments. This keeps your files safe from cyberattacks, fully updated and able to use remotely – ideal for today’s working from home culture. Using a secure file transfer protocol with an SFTP server is another great tool for businesses to use to protect against data breaches when transferring files.

Increased productivity

In business, productivity is key and the same applies to your HR department. A team that is bogged down with minute administrative tasks may struggle to find the time to focus on the bigger picture. But with HR software, you can expect a boost in productivity and departmental efficiency. 

Low-value tasks such as moving files across different platforms, transferring data and trying to update employee records are a thing of the past, thanks to automated applications and employee self-service software. This system gives employees the autonomy to update their own data, request holidays, register absence etc. All this reduces the labour of these basic administrative processes meaning that more time is spent on bigger projects and, ultimately, you save money on a reduced HR headcount.

Accurate performance reports

Having an insight into the performance of your employees is a powerful tool and HR software gives you this and more. With all your employee data in one place, HR teams can correlate productivity information and spot trends that may suggest where employees need training, which can even help you to identify the rising stars in your company. Saving you time, money and allowing you to invest retargets where they’re actually needed – these are just some of the main benefits of this software.

A more efficient hiring process

The hiring and onboarding process can be drawn-out and overly complicated, which leaves your potential candidates in limbo and at risk of being snapped up by your competitors. With HR software, the employee life-cycle is taken care of with its revolutionary recruitment module. This software helps teams to manage every stage of the recruitment and onboarding process, ensuring you get the best possible candidates and they have the best possible start to their career. 

Final thoughts…

HR software is vital for the progression of your business and is something that you should consider to streamline your admin tasks, improve employee wellbeing, advance your recruitment process, and so much more.