To answer this question perhaps the best retarget would be and I did find a great article which walks you through the process:

When and How to Hire Additional Employees

Some insightful answers were on Twitter’s #wgbiz a chat hosted monthly by Shonali Burke (@Shonali) of Women Grow Business.

Some of the tips gathered from this discussion can be a valuable retarget for the small business owners or the solopreneurs who wish to take their business to another level by expanding and hiring employees.

  • To add staff, check with your accountant, hire a payroll company, and use a simple employment agreement.
  • Recommended website for getting advice & templates –
  • When working with an attorney on contracts& forms, ask if they have templates so you don’t pay to develop from scratch.
  • If using ‘networks’ or other than direct hire…get a firm Non-Compete and Non-Disclosure clause in your team agreement

One main point that needs to be driven home is that once you are ready to hire employees for your business you must first check YOUR own license and legal paperwork to ensure you start on the right foot.

Any other tips or suggestions on this topic? Pls add to the comments.