With a stack of resumes and a list of applicants leaving messages, employers definitely aren’t short on interested individuals, but that doesn’t mean each is a strong applicant. Finding quality talent to fill your open positions is rarely easy. However, there is one demographic that isn’t short on quality: Marines. Not only should veterans use these tips to get their dream job, but employers should consider placing these veterans on the top of your resume stacks because of the following reasons:


They are Team Players

Marines are natural team players. After years of training and military experience, Marines understand the importance of the team, and how to find and rely on the strengths of a diverse group of individuals, as well as respecting their own position within the team. They will consistently support your company’s team, and see to it that every member remains successful.


They Have a Strong Work Ethic

Not only does military training create strong team players, but it also grants Marines an unbeatable work ethic. Veterans know what it means to work long hours under highly stressful conditions with little to no support, and in spite of this harsh environment, they do a great job. They are not afraid to put in a few extra hours, and are more likely to do so without complaining. They understand that a job well done requires extra effort.


They are Mission Focused

If your company is consistently facing deadlines, hire a Marine. Marines are strongly mission focused and will often put in the extra time and effort to make sure that assignments are completed on time and done so thoroughly.


They are Problem Solvers and Decision Makers

Because Marines are often expected to work under stressful environments, they are especially conditioned to make decisions and solve problems. Combat doesn’t lend itself to those unable to react quickly with sure responses so Marines have excellent training that teaches them to do so. These problem solving abilities can readily be an asset to any company, but especially to start-ups and those regularly meeting deadlines or making pitches.


They Adhere to Company Culture

Company culture is important to any business wishing to have innovative, productive, and happy employees. By hiring veterans, you’re hiring individuals that understand the importance of an organization’s value and know how to adhere to them. They will promote your company’s culture, live by your values, and stand as examples to other employees.


If you want quality talent in your company, hire a veteran. While they may not face the same extreme conditions of service in your office, you can bet their ability to do a great job under stress will easily transfer over into the civilian work world. They have a strong skill set, an incomparable work ethic, and are natural leaders.
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Guest Post Contributor:
Jonathan Pharr is a Marine Corps veteran and the Executive Editor for the Veterans United Network, a collection of award-winning blogs that provide advice to veterans and military families on their VA loan benefits. Connect with Jon on Google+