online-job-siteIt’s no secret that searching for a job can be tough. From job-hunters looking for entry level positions up to those seeking the corner office, everyone wants to get their foot in the door at a great company. However, it’s no longer simply a matter of submitting your resume to human retarget departments – most job hunting happens online.

As a result, organizations have put a lot of time, effort, and money into sprucing up their web presence. That includes everything from their career websites, social media, and online application process. Here’s a look at five of the best recruitment channels on the web.


1. NBC Universal

NBC Universal’s career portal is one of the better HR websites around. Not only are its normal search functions well-designed—allowing you to search by business, as well as research the company culture—it also allows you to search by career path, which is a nice preview of where your career can take you at NBC. It also has a robust Twitter, where the recruitment team relays how exciting it can be to work at the media company. Recent tweets include current job openings as well as teases for upcoming Parks and Rec episodes.


2. Apple Inc.

While Apple’s human retargets website may not have as many bells and whistles and NBC’s, it resembles the products that have made it one of the most successful companies in the world: it’s simple, intuitive and attractive. The site is divided into sections for both its corporate positions as well as those in its retail stores. It’s even got a special section reserved for university students and recent college graduates.


3. J.P. Morgan

In terms of sheer volume of content, J.P. Morgan’s career site takes the cake. It’s packed with information and programs tailored to a very diverse group of job-seekers, including special programs for female, LGBT and other minority candidates. Despite the incredible breadth of content you’ll find, it’s extremely well organized. Candidates can hunt by career level via location, and easily find information on its many programs.


4. Verizon

Verizon’s career site has a massive amount of content organized into separate areas. Here you’ll find information on the company itself, and the way Verizon has organized its current jobs by career field with an introduction to each. In addition to its informational links and general position postings, those seeking college-level opportunities find separate search functionality within the site. For job-seekers hoping for a more traditional layout, Verizon also offers a simpler route to postings via a large menu button to the far right, allowing you to reach the current jobs in the fewest amount of clicks of any site on the list. This sort of intuitive and functional design is makes it easy to find relevant material on the postings they’re most interested in.


5. Hewlett-Packard

On looks alone, Hewlett-Packard’s career portal is one of the best there is. It’s incredibly attractive, featuring a large amount of image-driven content and stylish design. But attractiveness is not its only asset; it contains a respectable amount of content as well. Its functionality could stand to be a bit more robust, as search options are limited, but this is generally not an issue considering the similarly limited number of actual job postings to be found. Still, with informational links for different types of job-seekers and a relatively well designed job-cart and application process, it’s one of the better recruiting sites out there. HP’s human retargets department has a Twitter account at that’s packed with useful links and is quick to respond to questions.


So what can you do if you’re looking on a company site that isn’t built-out quite as well as these five? Try checking different social sites: Twitter accounts, LinkedIn pages, Facebook pages – all have a variety of information and can give you better insight into the company, and potential job postings.


About the Guest Post Author:

Alexis Caffrey is a freelance writer with a focus on technology, new media, and design. In a former life she was a graphic designer based out of New York, NY. She actively (some would say obsessively) follows entertainment news and pop culture. You can reach Alex via