To get ahead in a crowded start up landscape, companies need to find the best programmers and developers the industry has to offer and get them on to their engineering teams. It used to be that finding and recruiting the right developer meant trawling through countless CVs, then spending large amounts of retargets on interviews and screening processes, only to find that most of your candidates were not adequately prepared for the rigors of the job.

However, with the birth of online recruitment platforms, companies can gain access to a vast pool of programming and developer talent, for a very modest expense. Most platforms also have their own screening tools, allowing companies to affordably asses, interview, and eventually recruit candidates.


CodeSignal Recruiter

Used by online giants like Dropbox, Quora, Evernote, and Asana, CodeSignal Recruiter is a fully interactive skills-based recruitment platform. You can create your own tests for the specific role you are looking to fill, and easily send them out to potential candidates. The tests are put through modern plagiarism checkers to ensure you are proceeding with only the very best candidates from the applicant pool.

Employers can then schedule and conduct phone and video interviews using the Code Signal platform, which allows employers to provide their own questions or choose interview questions from the vast Code Signal library. The platform allows individuals to save their interview results and immediately share them with their colleagues.

Stack Overflow

The best way to describe Stack Overflow, is a form of reddit for developers and programmers. Stack Overflow’s five million users post questions and queries on the message boards in the hope that the developer community will offer some answers. Stack Overflow is home to some of the best developers in the business.

You can use the system to find developers who are actively answering questions on the platform. Your business can also post an ad in the jobs section and encourage users to apply.


Github is primarily a project management tool and code repository for developers and programmers. Like Stack Overflow, it is used as a place for coders and developers to come together and collaborate on challenging projects.

It also has a job database, where companies can pay $450 and have their job listing feature on the site for 30 days. The depth of talent that use Github makes it a useful place to find genuinely talented developers and candidates.


Upwork is a database of freelancers with more than 12 million registered users. While it may not be ideal for hiring a programmer or developer for a full-time position, for a quick job at a low price, Upwork can provide competent, affordable freelancers.

One thing to bear in mind is that Upwork carries out almost no screening. This means the quality of each freelancer can vary wildly. You will still have to carry out a thorough screening process even once you have been connected with a freelancer.

Making the choice between each platform will come down to the nature and size of the job, and the time you have available for screening. If you want a fully-comprehensive platform that finds talent and automates the screening process, then Code Signal will get the nod over, say, Upwork, which offers no screening at all.

Start your search now on these four platforms and find the best developers to help your business expand and grow.