With the advancement of the digital age, finding the ideal candidate has become easier than ever. Here, HR departments use the internet to its full potential, making it possible to recruit a whole team or an executive position online.

In this guide, you’ll learn about the basics of e-recruitment, its advantages, and the different methods to help you gain more insight into this new hiring process. It’s always best to keep up with the changing tides in the digital age. Thus, learn how you can create a great experience with e-recruitment below:


E-recruitment or online recruitment is a different way of filling job positions with the help of web-based resources. From finding, attracting, interviewing, and hiring new employees, anything done using a cloud-based or internet-based software can already be considered e-recruitment.

More specifically, you can post job applications, accept such, communicate with the applicants, and monitor their progress throughout the recruitment process. Given that the applicant qualifies and fulfills your needs, any far-away applicant can apply.

Although it may sound easy, doing it right can be complex for a first-timer. If your needs are slightly more specialized, it may be best to look through Scotford Fennessy to provide a tailored solution. Moreover, doing so gives you a professional idea of how to start your switch from the old to the new e-recruitment.

E-Recruitment Methods

One of the advantages of e-recruitment is its various and dynamic methods. Since it has many techniques and tools you can choose from, you can always start with more minor changes and move up the ladder – it’s even better if you have professional advice to guide you. Nonetheless, using the tools accustomed to your business streamlines your recruitment methods more efficiently than traditional means.

AI Recruitment Methods

AI recruitment methods leverage artificial intelligence technologies to automate and optimize various aspects of the hiring process. These methods include resume screening, candidate sourcing, chatbots and virtual assistants for communication, predictive analytics for decision-making, video interviews with analysis, skill assessment tools, and candidate matching algorithms. AI Recruiting Software offer benefits such as increased efficiency, improved candidate experience, better decision-making, and enhanced talent acquisition outcomes. However, human oversight remains crucial to mitigate bias and ensure ethical standards are maintained.

Internet Advertising

You could always try internet advertising. Here, your HR team would employ online advertising to reach relevant candidates and guide them to your company vacancies page. More specifically, your company attracts ideal candidates by appearing in their search engine advertisements and redirecting them to your company page. With this, you can gear hiring posts for specific sectors you’re looking for.

Social Media

Social media is another method of e-recruitment. You’d use platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn to reach potential candidates. In the US, 96% of job seekers use online platforms to look for jobs, and 49% of professionals follow companies on social media for job opportunities.

Additionally, using social media as an e-recruitment tool makes your company more relevant and credible. According to a study in the European Journal of Management Studies, companies that use LinkedIn are considered more credible. Using such platforms also made a positive impact on an applicant’s decision.

Company Advertising

What may have started as a straightforward page on the internet has now evolved into a stream of different sectors for candidates and employees to browse. Moreover, this process demonstrates your value as a business and how you constantly develop your brand.

Since your brand is designed to attract the most fitting candidates, it’s best to show such with your company advertising. On your company’s website, you should show potential employees the culture and values of the organization and the insights of the staff working there. Once done effectively, these pages will be attention-grabbing, and you’ll have a page highlighting your brand.


Recruitment is nothing new, but the digital changes in the marketplace can impact your recruitment processes. Here, using the internet helps you achieve a wider talent pool, improves your brand image, and even helps you save time and money. So, if you’re still doubtful about using e-recruitment, here are a few advantages to help you gain a more positive outlook on the tool:

Wider Talent Pool

Since your candidates don’t have to walk through the company doors personally to apply, using e-recruitment gives you a wider talent pool. You can reach anyone from anywhere, making it possible to seek out your preferences and hand-pick candidates.

Moreover, your HR department can check all of their credentials online. Once they’ve passed the initial stage, the candidate will undergo interviews, or your HR could check out their social media presence. As long as your e-recruitment process is stipulated in the post, you’d have no trouble choosing from a wider talent pool.

Improves Brand Image

When applicants start looking for a job, more likely than not, they’ll also try to evaluate the company they’re applying for. This is why it’s best to have e-recruitment. With this tool, your presence online says a lot about a versatile brand image – as your social media, company website, and recruitment methods are all up to date.

Saves Time and Money

Since the processes are done online, there’s no need for your HR department to meet candidates physically. Here, they can interview candidates and check credentials in their offices – as they only need a time slot for a virtual interview.

Likewise, this process is entirely cost-effective. Although advertising or graphic editing has a few costs, it’s still a more cost-effective solution than your typical newspaper or billboard advertisement.

Final Thoughts

Overall, e-recruitment has been a radical change in business in recent years – and it’s a change that will bring plenty of benefits once done correctly. Moreover, it’s best to go digital as candidates also use the internet to look for job vacancies. Thus, streamline your recruitment process and try e-recruitment today.