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The interviewing process is a beehive of activity. Recruiters coordinate with interviewers and candidates to set up interviews, and then follow through with them to conclusion. There may be multiple rounds of interviews with different interviewers, and multiple candidates. There may even be multiple recruiters handling different Positions, adding to the complexity. Tracking all the activity happening on one or more open positions then becomes an arduous task for a recruitment manager.

Managers around the world deal with this problem every day and solution providers have endeavored to provide answers to lighten the complexity of the task of tracking what’s happening on each position, and where each candidate is in the recruitment process.

How Far Do Applicant Tracking Systems Go?

Sure, there are ATS systems that handle job postings, candidate applications, resumes, and scheduling for interviews, but essentially, they are built to better assist in the management of résumés and applicant information. Managers still end up having to tell their recruiters to manually collate the results of all the interviews that have taken place so far and present them in a report. Generating this report is a tedious and repetitive job.

Are Candidate Assessments Precise?

Unless a company has come up with a fine-grained candidate assessment process, most feedback from interviewers will contain a go or no-go, along with some comments on relative strengths on various skills. In most cases, this feedback will do for internal consumption, given that most managers will trust their interviewer’s assessment. But it becomes tricky should such assessment have to be shared with a client, for example. You’d ideally want a formal presentation of candidate assessments in that case.

Even when the consumption is internal, how would you compare two candidates with roughly the same performance? How do you decide between ‘very good’ and ‘good’? Do you choose the former simply because the word ‘very’?

Besides, what if ‘Candidate A’ scored well in one skill, and ‘Candidate B’ in another? Do you have this information available side-by-side, at a glance? Where’s the provision for nuanced decisions?

Where’s The Consolidated View?

When it’s time to take a call, a manager would typically like to go through the assessments in each of the interview rounds a candidate has been through – for screening, functional, and HR rounds. It would make sense to have a consolidated view in one format and be able to see the full history of the interview process of that candidate. Right now, even if the recruiter collates all this information together, it is an effort, and falls short of providing a seamless view.

Introducing Hirepeak

It is every manager’s wish to be able to seamlessly move from checking on their position’s overall status, to checking the progress of candidates for that position and their individual performance in the interview rounds.

Hirepeak provides this seamless view at all the levels with an unmatched level of detail:

  1. The high level view gives the overall position status with the number of candidates under consideration, hired, and rejected.
  2. The next level informs us where every candidate is in the interview process; how many rounds, scores for each round, and when is the next interview scheduled.
  • At the fine grained level, we can view detailed candidate assessment in:
    1. individual interview report
    2. Candidate report for all rounds
    3. Candidate comparison report which compares up to 3 candidates across skills and interviewer assessments

Hirepeak also provides reports at the Position level and the Organization level as well, which will give the high level statistics, as well as the detailed listing and overall performance of candidates for each position.

Take The Next Step

Keeping tabs on the recruitment process is daily task that spans multiple positions, candidate, and the recruiters managing them. Hirepeak seeks to streamline all of these into a seamless manageable view, taking away at least some of the stress away from the hiring process.

Hirepeak is available for a free trial. Try it out at Go through the feature list and open an account. Start adding positions and candidates and streamline your interviewing process.