Just because you have a job opening doesn’t mean you’ll have an easy time finding the right candidate to fill it. In fact, you might run into difficulties: Many people aren’t really looking for a job, and if they are, there’s plenty of competition.
So how do you stand out from the crowd? Understanding how the internet and online retargets influences  jobsearch and researching more online for job search advice can be a start.
On the other end, what must employers do to find the right candidates for their open positions? Adding detailed information in the job description is a must, the more you share the more you’ll get qualified applicants for that position. . In addition, you have to give candidates some idea not just of where the job would be located, but what skills, specifically, you want in the person who will fill the job. Otherwise your applicants will be crowded with people that are the wrong fit.
AkkenCloud’s  infographic below is all about writing job postings that are optimized for people searching for a new job. This includes technical aspects like search engine optimization and keyword selection, as well as how to create landing pages and share over social media.

Any recruiter who has posted on a popular job site knows that a flood of unqualified applications is bound to follow. This infographic helps recruiters find qualified candidates faster.