Office workers often joke about what perfect workplace, coming up with crazy ideas like game rooms, nap pods, or beer in the water cooler. Others have more practical dreams—they want time to attend their kids’ soccer games or take the car for an oil change or go to the gym.

Most people scoff at these fantasies. A strict 9-to-5 workday in a typical office makes these things nothing short of impossible… Or does it?

Many companies have started impressive incentives programs to attract and retain talented workers (that means you). So the next time you’re job searching, think about those crazy workplace perks you always wanted. Then be on the lookout—those benefits might actually exist somewhere.

This graphic design by Company Folders reveals the top ten workplace incentives and the real life brands that are offering them.

Dropbox may not have a beer cooler, but they do have Whiskey Fridays.
Clif Bar employees can spend up to 2.5 paid hours in the gym… per day.
Johnson & Johnson’s concierge runs personal errands while employees work.
Moz shells out $2,000 per team member to help offset their vacation costs.

Check out the infographic for more sought-after workplace incentives.