The recruitment industry is on the cusp of a revolutionary transformation. The conception of video-interviewing is changing the way businesses approach the screening and hiring of employees, which is seeing asynchronous video interviews replace the traditional phone interview.


video-interviewOne-way video interviewing allows businesses to invite candidates to independently complete an interview with a number of pre-determined questions. As a result, businesses can view these interviews at their convenience, which saves both the recruiter and the candidate a lot of time. HR managers can review 10 video interviews in the time it would take for them to conduct three phone screens, and that isn’t to mention the time taken to schedule the calls. Importantly, these interviews also enable candidates to pitch themselves to employers and communicate their passion for the role. This can provide a window into the candidate’s personality, which is an important feature that does not necessarily shine through a paper resume.


When it comes to one-way video interviewing, is one of the leading website for such technology. streamlines the recruitment process with a candidate management system that allows employers to shortlist applicants, filter applicants based on their experience and other key criteria, collaborate with other team members and directly request references. co-founder Guy Abelsohn contends, “The recruitment industry is rapidly changing, and the technology needs to keep up with the changing pace of the industry, while catering for the job candidate. myInterview has saved our clients 50% of the time and money spent on their previous recruitment processes. Within 90 seconds of the interview, recruiters know whether the candidate will be right for the role. As a result, caps their questions at 2 minutes in length to minimize any time wasted on inappropriate applicants.”



As opposed to all other asynchronous platforms, integrates the video interview when the candidate first applies for the role. This means that candidates whose resumes may ordinarily be overlooked by recruitment managers get the chance to pitch themselves for the role. Many of’s clients find that candidates who present well in the interviews but don’t have the experience of others can be trained and therefore have a greater likelihood of being retained by an organization.


It is reported that around 60% of recruitment managers use video interviewing as part of their screening process.’s clients include; Financial Institutions, restaurants and retail establishments. As a result many universities are now using the platform to train and promote their students to the workforce. Below are some tips on how to ace a video interview:

  1. Prepare: Research the company and the role you are applying for.
  2. Dress to impress: It is important to look professional and appropriate for the culture of the organization you are applying to be apart of.
  3. Background check: Make sure the coast is clear, there is no background noise and good lighting.
  4. Relax: We know it’s hard but it is important to appear to be calm and collected when answering the questions.
  5. Don’t fret: If you don’t know the answer to the question, tell the employer what you do know. It is better than saying nothing and they may appreciate the thoughtfulness of your answers.