The economy has been predicted to be at a low point this year; recovery in the job market is always slow after a recession; most definitely this is the time for the new graduates of 2009 to be prepared for the slow hiring this year.

An article in CCN Money forecasts grim prospects for the 2009 graduates, it says after graduating next May, college seniors are likely to face the worst job market in 15 years.

As suggested in this article and by other career experts be prepared to look for jobs in areas other than your expertise or majors. Also know that your current majors can be applicable in different fields and industry.
Here are some tips that can guide you through the tough hiring that 2009 presents:

Consider Internship First
With thousands of resumes being submitted to any open position, the chances of being hired are tougher than ever before. Increase your chances of being hired by first considering internship and gaining the experience which is often desirable by companies. If an organization had a choice between a fresh graduate and one with year of intern experience, they would most definitely go for the one with experience.
Be prepared now to avoid the frustrations of not getting any calls or offers later in the year.

Tap your Parents Network
Networking is still the number one method which will introduce new hires to a company. Tap in your parents and their friends’ network to find the suitable open positions. Prepare an impressive resume and ask your parents or those they know in the relevant industry to go through your resume before sending to the HR or the hiring managers.

Be Ready to Relocate
There is a higher chance than ever before that you might not land a good job or for that matter any job in your resident city (depending on where you are); it is a good idea to apply nationwide and look for good opportunities that match your skills and offer you the best platform to launch your career.

Going Beyond College University Career Centers
Although the college /university career centers should be your first stop when looking for open positions and seeking guidance on your career path, it is advised to look beyond the offered help. You may go for career counselors and coaches for guiding you to a well chosen career. Career counselors and coaches offer you one-on-one services and answer questions / offer assistance to your specific needs, something that could work in your favor in the slow job market. Think about it, a little time and energy invested now in finding the career that you would be truly happy is immensely advantageous than tracing your steps back a few years from now on not being satisfied with the career choice or compromise that you had made hastily in the past.

Research and Retargets
There are numerous books on the racks these days guiding you to a perfect career or the best career match. And since the students of the 21st century are exceptionally well conversant to the internet use, it is also advisable to search online for the best available positions and careers that inspire you the most. One of the very well defined web pages on linking the majors to the respective careers that I found online was on the Kansas State University website. A must see for sure if you are still confused or just need more insight on connecting the careers to your major.
Another good one and relevant to this topic is the Minnesota Careers website.
If you are reading this post from other countries, do explore such similar websites that your government or some private organizations offer. They present a wealth of information and it is a good idea to spend good time researching and asking questions on the path before beginning in any direction without a clue where it leads to. As always – BEGIN WITH THE END IN MIND.