When you leave school, it can sometimes feel like there is so much pressure on you to choose a career. Although our education carves our career path, but not in entirety. There would be many you know who have had degrees in certain field but are now working in another. Whilst finding job is important you should bear in mind that you can change career much further down the line, if you want to. In fact, you can even change career choices more than once if you want to. If you are feeling apprehensive, just shake it off and plan well to join the workforce and do something that you are or can be really good at.


It is also that point in life for you when you have to decide whether you should go for higher education or pursue a career.


That said, when it comes to career choices and jobs that you can go for there are lots of options for you. Some of the best are where you can work and study at the same time. This allows you to earn money and learn new skills whilst learning the career you want to be involved in.


Keep an Open Mind

Choosing a career path can be tough, but it is important to keep an open mind. You have access to a whole host of retargets, so make sure that you take advantage of these. Read up on career help online, talk to counsellors, teachers and career advisors. These can help you to discuss where you might like to work and help you sort everything else out.
The more you seek help and advice the more you will get. You don’t have to take it all in but there might be some that resonate with your thoughts and future plans, jot them down and research more on what talks to you.

As much as other people can give you advice, you need to put yourself first. You have the best idea of the type of career you would like and where you would like to work. Keep these in mind when it comes to deciding where you want to work when you have left school.


Explore Different Options

It can be easy to become disheartened when you find that your path to university is leading you nowhere. However, there are different ways that you can learn new skills and progress. So for example you can attend vet tech schools, look at on the job training, apprenticeship schemes and much more.

There are no mistakes only different angle of doing something that did not work. And most often the people who have risen in their careers have made mistakes. Don’t be daunted by any of your failures or at the realization that perhaps the major you had worked on all these years is not what is appealing to you now. If you have a strong mindset to learn and know that learning is forever, you can take any turn that comes your way.

Be curious and always follow the first step – ask others, the more you ask the more you’ll know.
You need to remember that whatever you decide now, it is only the first step of your career development. Nothing is set in stone. In fact, most people change career several times throughout their lifetime so don’t worry!


Get Help Applying for Jobs

It can be scary when you first leave school and start applying for jobs. Make sure you get as much help as possible. This can be advice with writing a decent resume and how to conduct yourself in a job interview. Remember all of this is a learning curve and no one expects you to get it right straight away.

Don’t reply on applying online only, though job boards can be effective in giving you a clear idea on the job skills and expertise required for a particular job and also those jobs that are most in demand, they should not be the only way to search for open positions.

In a Monster College survey, it was found that 78 percent of college job-seeker respondents said networking was a factor in their job searches.

This number might help strengthen the case our first advice presented – on asking for help (just in case if you were not a believer).
It is all well and good knowing the career you want, but you need to make sure that you put the right foundations in place to make this happen. This might be mean studying and it might mean certain job experiences to get you started on the career ladder. Think about what is expected of you. Once you know this then you can start doing the work that is needed to put all of the right f