speed-upBeing unemployed is tougher than ever before but the following tips can help you to keep your eye on the prize and speed up the job search process significantly. Whether you have just graduated from University and are looking to take your first step onto the career ladder or you have been made redundant and are looking for a new career opportunity, here are a few ways to increase your odds.


Invest your Time Wisely

It is very easy to become disheartened when you are applying for role after role in your chosen industry and your days are taken up with an endless job hunt. However, if you want to get ahead in your job search, it is essential that you use this time wisely. Being organised is key and keeping a spreadsheet or a notebook to hand with all of the positions you have applied for can help you to keep track of potential job opportunities. It is easy to apply for any and every job but before you begin your search, it can help to assess your strengths in order to find a job that matches your skill set. Finding the best job opportunities that complement your qualifications can help to speed up your job search rather that just applying for any role in your industry. If you know what your unique selling point is, it is easier to tailor your resume to each specific role as you can pinpoint exactly what you can bring to the position and what you can do for the company.


Know your Schedule and Goals

Being able to prioritize your time is a great skill to have and will come in handy when searching for your dream role. Without a proper schedule, it is easy to become distracted and as a result your job search drops down to the bottom of your list of priorities. It is essential to be productive at all times throughout the day and putting a structure in place will help you to get more done. Decide on how many job applications to aim for a day and try to achieve this goal. Make a list of goals for each day and make time to chase up potential employers after the initial interview stage and get in touch with friends who may know of vacancies in your industry.


Seek Help from the Experts

Job searching needn’t be done alone. There are many ways to seek help along the way. Talking to a recruitment specialist can help you with many aspects of your search including getting the best out of your resume. The resume/CV is the first thing that a potential employer sees and for this reason it must make a great first impression. A recruitment specialist can match you to the best companies in your chosen industry and help you to seek out the very best job opportunities.

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