Silicon Valley Bank, in a survey of startup companies nationwide, found that while the vast majority (87%) of startups are hiring, equal numbers are struggling to find enough people with the skills they need to grow.

Startups need intelligent people eager to innovate, learn and work hard. For young job seekers, new grads with creativity and high energy levels, this can be an ideal environment. While larger established companies may offer bigger paychecks, start ups offer the more intangible benefits many young workers are looking for. Three reasons make startups a great choice to consider.


1. Innovative Work Experience 

Start ups often have small operating budgets, meaning everyone has more than one role to play in the company. This is good news for a young job seeker, as it provides a great opportunity to build an impressive resume quickly. Start ups provide work experience not available in larger corporations, where employees often do the same thing daily.

The learning curve can be steep, mastering multiple technologies and processes while solving real-world problems, but the opportunities to do more and be recognized faster in the industry can be worth it. Innovation and adaptation build start ups into successful businesses, and young workers get more opportunities to do both than at a larger, more established company.


2. Energetic Work Environment 

Start ups thrive on positive energy. It takes a lot of motivation and passion to tackle all the challenges needed to make one successful. While the occasional suit may be needed for a client meeting, the atmosphere is usually more relaxed and fun. Non-existent dress codes and lunchtime dodgeball games are common in the start up world.

Hiring can even be a team decision, enabling employees to chose their co-workers. The small number of employees also means that everyone can suggest changes and get answers to questions they have about company policies, directions and ideas.


3. Entrepeneurial Training 

Working for a start up means getting to see every aspect of the business. For those thinking about starting their own company in the future, this experience can be invaluable. From marketing to packaging, software development to client meetings, budget reports to ordering office supplies, start up employees are involved in it all.

For those interesting in New York City technology jobs, working for a start up can give them a broader range of skills that can lead to consulting positions. Many new companies cannot afford technology staff, but hire consultants who understand what they need.

While start ups are not for everyone, great opportunities are out there for innovative young job seekers wanting to build companies and their careers.


What has been your experience (if) working for a start-up?