Identifying the core reasons for stress during job search is the first step towards eliminating them. Can you answer this question honestly?

What are you worried about the most and how can you eliminate the core reasons for your stress?

The three core stressors during a long-term job search are:

  • Financial pressure
  • The fear of social gatherings
  • Self pity and self loathing


Take Care of your Financial Health First

A majority of the tension comes from the money matters. Yes of course money matters and taking care of this major stressor might be right about half the battle won.

  • How is your financial health during this job search?
  • Where does it land in your priority list of reasons for stress?
  • How much money do you have left that you can survive on paying your bills and making at least the base essential living for your family?

Evaluate and do a practical analysis on all these questions above and find ways to take care of the issue.

Some good advice you can find on the pages.

The Human Touch – Do not Curtail Interaction

Often, post-layoff, many tend to slow down on social circles or even cut off interaction with friends and family, emotionally and externally. Many of those who are stressed do their best to hide their emotions or not talk about how they are feeling. Evading the topic seems like the most convenient thing to do and sooner or later evading people and gatherings is what you might end up doing. This is the worst case scenario to increase stress. Human interaction, touch and being expressive are the most effective de-stressors.  During the job search process it takes a whole lot to stay motivated and driven and some comfort can come from those you trust and love. Do not shy away from public gatherings; in fact participate more using your time diligently. And when you meet with a group or those who can help, meet them sincerely, networking should be on the mind but not always.. encouragement and sometimes  great advice and good offers can land out of the blue when you are least expecting it!

Commend your Competencies – pat yourself often

Long-term job search also results in low self-esteem and often self-deprecation. Another reason of stress and depression. Do not let this deter you, you must find time to write down what you are truly good at – then learn to appreciate it and see how you can add all your positives in your resume and your elevator pitch. During job search you are learning some new marketing skills – you are marketing yourself. Think about it – if you want to buy a new product what do you look for in it? You want certain features that fulfill your needs at the right price and must be available at or around certain area or place. Right? Now turn it around – what do you have in yourself that fulfills the job description, are you ready to relocate to get the job or search for jobs in a particular area? How would you market yourself to the recruiter so the recruiter “buys” you?  Prepare to create the “want”, prepare a pitch which showcases your competencies and again – feel good about it – every day! 

Feeling great and celebrating “you” is a major step towards defeating all odds, a positive and driven person can achieve anything with the right skill set.

What are your major de-stressors?