The job market today is extremely competitive. On average, an employee receives more than 250 job applications each time there is an open position. Most of the organizations use the applicant tracking system software to screen applications and eliminate the least qualified applications.

If your CV is among the few that gets through it must impress the hiring manager. With numerous resumes flooding their inboxes each time a recruiter does not have the time to read through all the resumes. Most of them are skimmed through. If you have been sending out applications and it seems that none of them is getting through, it may be because the recruiter does not feel that there are any ‘wow’ features in your resume and immediately throw in the NO pile.

It is critical that you do not include any information that will distract your hiring manager from the qualities that make you truly a great fit for the job. Here are a couple of things that will make your resume stand out and finally get you that job you deserve.

resume designs

The first impression

Whoever says that the looks do not matter is not a person who knows anything about the world. If you want to get that job, you need to ensure that you take advantage of everything that can attract the hiring manager. To begin with, ensure that your resume looks great. Make sure that the font is readable and allows to read the most important details. Have a friend to look at the paper or hire resume editing services to check whether they can read it without straining. You also need to ensure that your resume does not look like it is from the past decade. For instance, remove the objective section and terminology changes that will ensure the HR feels that it reflects current trends.

The worst font for your resume would be Comic Sans. Do a research to find out what is acceptable and what is not for CV formatting.


Do not put everything there

While your resume has a work experience listed as a title, it does not have to have all your work experience listed there. Think of it as a comprehensive list of the career history and a marketing document that sells you as the perfect person for the job. For each resume you send out, you have to highlight only the accomplishments or skills that are relevant to the job you are applying for. Therefore you do not have to include experiences that will not add value to the employment at that firm. You need to tailor your CV to ensure that it will tell the recruiter that you have done a job that has helped you gain skills that will be suitable for that position.


Make it short

Remember that the managers have a lot of work to do not to mention the numerous resumes they have to check. Make their work easier. Other than ensuring that your resume looks professional, ensure that it is not too lengthy. Just one look at the length and the manager may choose not to read it at all. If you can, make your resume just one page. If it is too long it should not go over two pages.


Look alive

Never write a resume that looks generic. The last thing anyone ever wants to read is a paper full of lifeless verbs floundering around. Put in a few action verbs on your CV and the manager will know that you can bring life to any situation. These verbs will also liven things up. Remember to only include a few verbs do not fall into the temptation of going overboard.


Add your photo

Some job seekers ignore this little tip and maybe, they are right. But since your aim is to get a job of your dream, attaching a relevant picture of yourself can be a good idea. On the other hand, some companies require to give links to your social pages, like Facebook or Instagram, so they could understand better what type of person you are. If this applies to your resume, make sure your social pages are neat and nice – that way you will give the hiring managers the impression that you are a disciplined and reliable person.


Stand out!

Writing your resume is not tough. There are a few things to consider that will make yours stand out and impress the hiring manager. Regardless of how difficult you think it is to write a great resume, make sure that you do not jump on those free resume templates online. While they may be tempting, they will not provide the perfect resume. Things will change once you write and re-read your resume. You will notice and change those small things that may put off your potential employer.