While looking for a job in the current economy can be a bit more challenging than it used to be, if it seems like you’re having no luck at all, it may be that you’re not exhausting all the possible avenues. Here are some tips that can help your search for a great career go more smoothly.


1. Don’t do it Alone

Sometimes all you need is a little outside help. Consider taking advantage of free or low-cost assistance and training programs such as those provided your state’s Department of Labor, college career offices or even your local library. Many public libraries hold classes and workshops, have printers and computers available to the public and stock a variety of retarget materials related to job searches that you can use to your advantage.


2. Create a Resume Template

Many career experts recommend that you keep copies of your cover letter and resume on hand at all times. This allows you to alter their content to suit the job that you’re applying for while leaving most of the information the same. This can save you a lot of time and stress and maintains consistency. If you’re not sure how to format a resume or cover letter, there are numerous online retargets where you can download templates and personalize them to fit your needs.


3. Go Back to School

Employers are demanding more varied skill sets from their prospective employees than ever. In many cases, going to a community college or participating in online certificate courses can help you improve on your current skills or develop new ones that employers will find highly desirable.


4. Job Search Engines

Job search engines are very popular and helpful ways to look for a job and employers seem to be relying on them more and more. You can use these websites to find jobs in nearly any field imaginable, whether they’re local or in another state. Furthermore, many of these search engines enable you to apply for the job directly through the website!


5. Social Networking

Social media is all the rage today, and many employers are taking advantage of the trend by using it as a hiring medium. You can advertise your availability and skills on your personal page and even make friends with other people who may prove to be beneficial to your career search. In addition, many job openings aren’t advertised. Having a network of friends and acquaintances who know you’re looking for work is often one of the best ways to land a great job.

Even in a rough economy, finding a good career doesn’t have to be hard. By keeping these tips in mind during your search, you’re far more likely to not only find a job but also find one in a timely manner.