Sales Career

The Coronavirus pandemic has crippled the majority of sectors- except that of technology. The year 2020 saw some of the biggest technology companies thriving, which has, in turn, led to surging demand for tech sales jobs. 

B2B companies have shifted to digital interactions for sales, with over 90% moving to remote and web-based sales models. This noise in the tech arena certainly poses as a silver lining to tech sales jobseekers. 

That being said, the scene is also quite competitive now. If you need to get noticed, you should not only stand apart but should align yourself with the company’s goals as well. Here are a few tips that will help you in the job search process. 

OneTailor your Resume for Tech Jobs 

Given the job landscape, it is likely that you are competing with not only sales associates but also candidates from other fields. Why, you yourself might be switching from another role. Regardless, you would be able to find skills that overlap for a tech sales position.

But your resume should be able to speak for itself. It would be best if you focused on presenting the key indicators such as which buyers you dealt with, your approach, and the average sizes of the deals you closed. Besides, you should also equip yourself with some industry knowledge. It is all about how you position yourself as an attractive member of the hiring company. 

twoShow Initiative 

Let’s say you are from a different field altogether. Even if you are persuasive, you should show your prospective employer that you are willing to put in the effort. An excellent place to start would be to sign up for an online training program. For instance, Uvaros’ tech sales training is exclusive for tech sales jobs, giving you the opportunity to learn the art of selling products and services in tech B2B and prepare for jobs at software companies. 

Adding a certification to your resume will only reinforce it further. Moreover, a course in marketing or sales will always be an incentive no matter your career path. 

threeTake Advantage of your Networks 

As you know, job searches often demand leveraging networking skills as well.  A recommendation letter or a client testimonial could put your head among the pile of candidates. 

You could also reach out to others and see if it is possible to introduce you to some contacts. While this requires little effort from their side, you stand to gain valuable new connections or doors to new opportunities. If the pandemic has taught us anything, it is that we need to stay together and support each other. 

Research your Target Company 

You cannot walk and hope to impress the hiring manager unless you have done your homework. In a sales tech job, you could do this by familiarizing yourself with their current sales process. The best way to do this would be to reach out to their sales team. 

As a tech salesperson, you should be thorough with all stages of the sales funnel. Find out who your prospective clients are in the industry, what their products are, and how you plan to engage with them. In effect, if the interviewer asks you how you plan to bring more sales, you should be able to provide factual answers. This might mean more work, but it will definitely put you ahead.

Find the Right Fit 

Just because you are actively seeking jobs does not mean you have to apply for every vacant position you come across. You need to narrow your search to the right opportunities where you will fit best as the right candidate. Look at it as a sales process, and you as the product. 

You will not be pitching your product to every consumer, only whose interests line up with what you have to offer. That is why researching the company is crucial while applying for tech sales jobs. You target a few companies and give them the best version of yourself that will bring them the most value.