Job search can be stressful and is almost to be treated a full-time job to reduce the search time. Job seekers can be more productive with some help from family and friends. A support system also hugely cuts down on the stress buildup.

If your family member or friend is in the job search phase, here are some ways you can help them out:


1. Know first, offer thereafter

Ask the right questions first – What areas of your job search do you think I can help you with? Or to offer help tell them what you are good at. For example, I know a career coach who helps job seekers accelerate their job search – I would be glad to recommend her if you wish to. I can also offer to help you with your interview preparation since I have conducted a few interviews at my workplace and can offer you some feedback. You friend might need some help with the kids while he she is out for interviews, let her know if you can be available or can take time off to help her out if she lets you know well in time.


2. Your skill set might help here

You might be well aware that it is very important to have a strong online presence for max visibility during job search. If the job seeker has less experience on the internet and social media front, offer help by informing them on the available tools like LinkedIn, Twitter and finding the right job search boards. If you are on LinkedIn perhaps you know someone in the field your friend is searching for jobs currently, you can help him/her by connecting to the right contact for an informational interview. The point is to probe them to find out what means and tools they are using in their current job search and what other ways they can try.


3. Household, kids, chores support

Since the job seeker might be busy in updating skills, taking courses, applying for jobs and all, you can help by searching for the job support groups or meet-ups in his/her area that can help them either through some vocational guidance support or career counselors who offer free services at the career centers.


4. Take a break to recharge

The stress of job search can be overwhelming and at times, the job seeker just needs to vent out or get if off his/her head. If you see exhaustion or breakdown signs, just ask them out for a day – a nice break can recharge and get them back on track faster than any other help! Appreciation, laughter, support, hugs, are all no-cost feel-gooders – give what you can and you’ll get the same back too!


5. Health matters

If you have tried all of the above ways or perhaps none of the above seems appropriate in such a situation, just gift them something that will help them along. A gym membership, a yoga class or some continued exercising fun activities can help instill positive reaffirmations and is a natural way to stay healthy and motivated to endure the job search marathon.


Have you helped a job seeker in some way? What did you do to ease their jobsearch process?