If you fancy the challenge of a new career, any time is a good time to look for a new job. However, in certain circumstances you may be torn as to whether leaving your current job is the right decision. There may be perks to your current job such as good pay or flexible work hours. And the things you don’t like about your job may be fixable – if you think you’re being underpaid or you don’t get on with certain colleagues, you may be able to talk to your boss about it and come to some solution. For those in a rut, here are six good reasons that its time to leave and find a new job.

new job

Your current job is damaging your health

No job should compromise your health. If health and safety measures are lacking and you’ve been a victim to work related injuries, you may want to quit your current job to recover and potentially even file a lawsuit against your employer. As important as your physical health is your mental health and you should also consider leaving a job if work-related stress is getting to you.


You can no longer do your job to the best of your ability

Perhaps your health is deteriorating and you’re finding that your work performance is suffering. In this case you could look for a job more suited to your condition or quit work altogether if the condition is serious. Alternatively, there may be moral issues within the company that have made you lose your drive to work and succeed. This is a good reason to look for a new job in which you have a better sense of reward.


The company is falling apart

If there are signs that the company is crumbling such as big cuts and talk of laying employees off, it could be a good decision to get out now so that you don’t end up sinking with the ship. Working for a business that is falling apart can be stressful as the workload and pressures continue to increase. You want to work for a company that you can help to grow, not a company that has no stable future in sight.


Your boss is impossible to work with

Bad colleagues can be a managed, but if your boss is impossible to work with and there’s no-one higher to complain to, it can be a good reason to get another job. This should certainly be the case if you feel a boss is bullying you or deliberately making your job harder than it already is.


There are no signs of progression and you’re bored

Some people are happy doing the same task and not learning anything new or taking on any responsibility – sticking to what you know could keep you content. However, if your job is so repetitive and directionless that it makes you bored, you may want to hunt for a job elsewhere. Life’s too short to be spending most of your waking hours doing something you find tedious.


Your job is getting in the way of important commitments

If you feel like you’re having to choose your job over time with family and friends, this too may be a good reason to leave. It could be a temporary patch leading up to a promotion, but otherwise a job that’s permanently putting commitments on hold could be unhealthy and you could be better off seeking a more flexible job.